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Best Prince Tennis Rackets 2023 | Property & Recommendation

If you want to play with these rackets that give the best performance then the prince rackets on our list which meet your all needs and make your game the best soon. I hope these best prince rackets change your wrong thoughts about the tennis game that came to mind on a daily basis. 

These rackets have fully loaded with excellent features and give the best performance on the court. The Prince brands designed these rackets on the basis of quality, best colors, and sublime technologies which make these rackets able to play and durable. You can get every extra feature from each racket of the Prince brand. 

Our Top Recommendations For Prince Tennis Rackets:


Prince TeXtreme X Beast 100 prince Tennis Racquet

Prince TeXtreme X Beast 100 Tennis Racquet


  • The racket comes with a heavyweight with a small head size and large length which are also affordable. 
  • The racket offers a great feel and more strength for advanced players.
  • Graphite construction for solid durability

Prince TeXtreme Premier 100 prince Tennis Racquet (4-3/8)

Prince TeXtreme Premier 105 Tennis Racquet (4-3/8)


  • The head size of this racket is 105 square inches which is an oversized head
  • Recommended for beginner players. 
  • The composite material makes this racket more affordable.
  • The long racket length gives great stability and versatility.

Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 Unstrung prince Tennis Racquet

Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 Unstrung Tennis Racquet


  • A small head size with less weight. The string pattern 16 by 19 increases its spin and power.
  • The racket gives a large sweet spot and has more durable due to its graphite frame.
  • Ability to strike with maximum power

Best Recommended Prince Tennis Rackets:


Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 Unstrung prince Tennis Racquet

Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 Unstrung Tennis Racquet



Features: The racket has 100 square inches with 275 grams of weight made with graphite material which falls in the category of highly durable.

Benefits: The best prince racket comes lightweight and more durable which increases your court performance during a match.


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Prince TeXtreme X Beast 100 prince Tennis Racquet

Prince TeXtreme X Beast 100 Tennis Racquet



Features: The racket comes in 100 square inches size and is designed for graphite material which is loaded with all extra features and is the best on our price list.

Benefits: I feel maximum control and strength with this racket which has better groundstrokes and striking functionality


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Prince TeXtreme Premier 100 prince Tennis Racquet (4-3/8)

Prince TeXtreme Premier 105 Tennis Racquet



Features: The racket comes with an oversized head size of 105 square inches. The weight is too lightweight (280 grams) and the string pattern increases its spin.

Benefits: The racket comes with a composite frame and Textreme technology and has the capability of striking and good defense.


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Prince TeXtreme Premier 105 prince Tennis Racquet (4-3/8)

Prince EXO3 Warrior Racquet



Features: The racket head size is 100 square inches with less weight (280 grams) which is durable due to its graphite technology.

Benefits: The graphite material makes this racket more durable and its large surface area doesn’t miss big shots. 

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Best Prince Tennis Rackets For Beginners to Professionals

Prince Phantom 107G Tennis Racquet

  • Features: The large head size in our list of the best prince tennis racket is heavyweight and recommended for professional players.
  • Benefits: The racket has great speed and stability, and has high striking functionality.
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Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 Tennis Racquet:

Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 Unstrung prince Tennis Racquet



Head SizeThe racket head size is 100 square inches
WeightThe weight is just 280 grams which is lightweight
LengthThe racket length is 27 inches.

Weight is only 9.7oz unstrung. There was a decent pace on the serves, but not much power. My students are using these rackets. Good control and a sweet spot. Intermediate-advanced. Good racket but pricey.

The experience and stability of the tennis racket will perform on all tennis courts. Its lightweight functionality offers great stability to holding rackets and durability. I recommended this racket for professionals player who came out of the stage at a beginner level.

Less Energy Required:

The racket gives the best performances in all conditions whether it’s a Wimbledon match or a championship match. It gives the blend of performance and stability that most professional players like. Less energy is required to play with these rackets.

EXO3 technology:

EXO3 technology makes this racket circumference which gives a large sweet spot with better defencing ability. This racket gives extra power and controls overall in the best matches.

The arm-friendly grip and frame feature make this racket more professional for users who are facing issues elbow or shoulder problems. The graphite material makes this racket more durable for all consistent matches.

  • Large sweet spot
  • Durable due to graphite material distribution
  • This is an incredible deal
  • Also as an unstrung
  • The baseline produces a lot of power.

Prince TeXtreme X Beast 100 Tennis Racquet:

Prince TeXtreme X Beast 100 prince Tennis Racquet



Head SizeThe head size of this racket is 100 square inches.
WeightThere are too heavyweight (454 grams) top in our list of best prince tennis rackets
LengthThe graphite material racket length is 27 inches.

There are two types of construction in the racket, which enables it to improve body strength and increase durability. There is too much quality construction on this racket, making it arm-friendly for players.

Graphite Composition:

TeXtreme X Beast 100 is designed with graphite composition which makes this racket more durable in long term. This racket is opposed to the damage Effects of violent attacks. This racket is designed with two bodies which increases its performance for a long time.


Its structure provides exceptional handling. Strength and stability are achieved by graphite composites. With Twaron, you’ll enjoy a great grip coupled with its unique sound.

String Pattern:

This racket comes with an incredible string pattern which makes this racket more powerful and increases its overall performance with spin and control. You can easily play strong shots without wasting your energy.

Comfortable Grip:

 The racquet flex is incredible. This racket puts the opposition in a bind. Comfortable grip in tough conditions. Playing important matches is easier with a firm grip.

  • Graphite Construction for great durable
  • Unique power and control
  • Great Feel
  • Refurbished or counterfeit

Prince TeXtreme Premier 105 Tennis Racquet:

Prince TeXtreme Premier 105 prince Tennis Racquet (4-3/8)



Head SizeThe oversized head of this racket is 105 square inches.
LengthThe extended length offers great handling.
WeightThe weight is 280 grams which fall in our medium category.

Textreme material makes this racket stiffer for users to best prince tennis rackets. This racket offers a great experience with its versatile frame. The string pattern varies for every cycle. Make sure it’s protected.

Extreme Technology:

The shaft area of this racket was designed with Textreme technology. This extra material offers great stiffness and extra strength to this racket. Realistic tennis games also benefit from this.

String Pattern:

Furthermore, its string pattern enhances its power and control, so it plays well on the court and professional players play consistent shots without exerting any energy.

The extra-performance tennis racket is significant for tennis matches and this racket performs these extra-quality features. This racket offers a great length of 27 square inches which most players use. This extended length makes this racket more stable for upcoming players.

Its striking functionality makes this racket stable and offers for intermediate to professional level players.

  • Extended length for great handling
  • More stiffness
  • Great feel for the elbow
  • Increase vibration dampener.

Prince EXO3 Warrior Team Unstrung Racquet:

Prince TeXtreme Premier 105 prince Tennis Racquet (4-3/8)



Head sizeThe small head size is 100 square inches.
LengthThe racket length is 27 square inches.
WeightThe weight is 290 grams

I’m a tennis player and racquet reviewer. Awesome. It’s a great racket for practicing. My racket helped me serve. I still use this racket for improving my service. Different feel on the racket.

 EXO3 technology and lightweight:

Buy this racket and get points from the opposition side with this great technology tennis racket which is specially designed from the EXO3 technology. It gives great control and power to every shot. Its lightweight quality shows this racket is specially designed for beginner to intermediate players.  

A super-responsive tennis racket. Playing tennis is fun and controlled. Tennis on all courts is competitive.

Graphite construction:

This racket is specially designed from graphite construction which generally increases its durability and its long life for a long time. The racket is more flexible all the time and players can easily with this racket. This racket can easily bear all the court conditions. 

The ResiPro grip prevents your tennis racket from being slippery, which is something most players complain about. Holding pressure can be controlled more easily with this tennis racket due to its great handling. Sweating and slipping are not problems with this racket.

  • Headlight balance
  • Great Graphite construction
  • Less in price
  • The loose grip construction.

Prince Phantom 107G Tennis Racquet:



Head The oversized head is 107 sq. in result to offers maneuverability.
LengthThe racket length is 27 inches.
WeightThe weight is 305 grams which attract professional player.

Graphite OS design:

The Phantom 107G by Prince offers a great graphite OS design that is more balanced and adds extra speed without costing too much. This racket has a great performance coupled with great durability, which you can feel after purchasing it. 


This racket has a perfect frame that gives it wonderful power. From the dominant side to the opposite side, the Prince racket gives you excellent stiffness. When it comes to crucial matches, intermediate players will benefit most from this racket. 

Fragile Frame:

As a result of the fragile frame of this racket, it provides extra durability after long hours of use. This racket is constructed from graphite composite. The quality of this frame will not degrade.

 Every shot feels different. Tennis rackets transmit shots. It can be used by most players due to its frame.

Due to this, it can react quickly. Sophisticated features attract players. It’s all about responsiveness.
A large design makes it easy to maneuver. This ensures performance.

  • Extra durability
  • Great feel and power
  • Ensures its great performance.
  • High price

How To Choose The Best Prince Tennis Rackets

There are many factors that affect the players badly if you choose the wrong tennis rackets. Here we discuss the main factors which surely help you to buy the best prince tennis rackets. These best factors are my opinion to buy the best prince tennis rackets.

Head size:

 All racket brands give the size in square to help the users well. Here is the same the prince brands offer the size in square inches. The head size means the surface of the top to the beginning of the handle. If you are a beginner player used a large head size (105 to 110 square inches) that has the ability to control the balls. If you have a professional player use a small head size which improves the games and you pick the ball will easily on the skills.

Beginner Players (Recommended Head Size)Professional Players (Recommended Head Size)
104 to 110 square inches98 to 100 square inches

Racket Length:

 The ability to pick the ball and hit it hard on the court depends upon your racket length. I recommend a length of 19 to 21 square inches for preschool kids or kids. If you are in high school or a beginner player used 22 to 24 racket lengths which helps you to jump to the next level. The racket length is 24 to 27 recommended for intermediate to advanced level players who have the ability and control the weight of heavy rackets. The upper-level length of tennis rackets is used by older players who have wasted 20 to 30 years in a tennis game. 


Tennis Racket Weight Chart

 What is the highest weight you can bear on your elbows or shoulders? As a second reason, kids use low-weight tennis rackets because they have less ability to control the ball, so the low-weight racket is more suitable for control. Tennis rackets with heavyweights are favored by most professional players for power. When beginners use heavy rackets, it’s too tiring for them.


The grip size depends upon your hands. If your hands are big then a circumference grip is best for you and fit for your hand. The synthetic and leather material used for racket grip is lowly durable and changes after every year 4 to 5 times if you are a regular player. 

Racket Frame:

There are three types of frames used in prince tennis rackets which are highly durable, low durable, and medium durable.

  • It is a graphite material frame that is highly durable and expensive and makes the racket more lightweight and comfortable.
  • The aluminium frame is less in price which is affordable and gives less percentage as compared to graphite material and also as less durable.
  • The third is composite material frmae which is combination of graphite and other materials. This frame gives the middle accuracy as compared to others.

Prince Tennis Racket Technologies

Prince tennis rackets are famous for their innovative technologies, which increase the performance of players on the court by allowing them to play forehand and backhand shots. So here we discuss the better technologies that make this racket more powerful.

O3 Technology:

First of the O3 technology, which converts the racket shape into an O shape. That creates a large sweet spot and gives you more power and control. The best feature of O3 technology is that it reduces the shock vibration of the strings.

Textreme Technology:

The second one is Textreme technology, which is especially used in Prince racket construction and makes the racket more responsive and stable. Another factor is the increase in maneuvers on the court.

TeXtreme X Twaron Technology:

TeXtreme X Twaron technology is another better technology that’s used to build Prince tennis rackets. It has the combined features of strong carbon fiber and is more lightweight than others. This technology reduces the shock vibration and absorbs the vibration, which reduces the risk of injury.

Property Of Prince Tennis Racquets:

Here is the best-noticed thing is that the prince also described and made many tennis rackets that meet all quality and features of professional players. The best tennis racket of prince we have also used the Prince Textreme Tour 100P which is regularly used by Lucas pouille. The racket has an oversized head size with topspin and is more comfortable which is best for a feel.

Head SizeWeight unstrungString PatternControl
99 inches square (fall in the intermediate to advanced rackets)10.6 oz (Perfect for intermediate and also used beginner players.)16×19 (Helps to develop top spin)Balance

power-oriented Vs. control-oriented Prince tennis rackets?

Power-oriented rackets are designed for a special purpose, which would help the player hit harder with less power. The larger length, more power, and larger head size are the specs of these rackets. The racket helps the players hit the ball with more power and generate a bigger sweet spot with less weight.

But these types of rackets have less control and precision, which most professional players dislike, and are designed for beginners.

On the other hand, we discussed control-oriented power rackets, which are specially designed for those players who prefer control, accuracy, and precision. As compared to power-oriented prince rackets, control prince rackets have a flexible frame, a small head size, and a shorter length, which prevents arm injuries. You can easily generate more spin and hit the ball where you want to throw it.

However, they have required more power to generate cannon shots because these rackets are heavy.

Frequently Asked Questions: best prince racquet

Who Uses the best prince racquet?

John Isner and Lucas Pouille are very successful players who play with prince tennis rackets.  On the other hand, the prince has developed rackets for many years which are covered with all quality and features, especially for the professional player. So don’t worry I have also reviewed these rackets which are best for intermediate or beginner players of the prince. The history of the prince brand tells us that the regular players used prince tennis rackets on the daily basis.

Where are the best prince racquets made?

The Prince is a sporting manufacturing company which is situated in Atlanta, Georgia America.  The prince owner established this brand in 1970 where not only tennis rackets are made but also types of sports equipment are made. (Tennis rackets, tennis balls, paddle rackets, football, footwear, tennis machines, and tennis bag and hats).

Which pro currently uses Prince Racquets?

 After a long time period, there are very pros who used prince tennis rackets and assist prince tennis rackets. Here we will mention the few tennis rackets which are best and pros used (Nicolas Kicker and his EXO3 Tour 100 racquets). All older models of Prince tennis rackets are also used by regular players which is also mentioned upper. 

Why Buy a Prince Tennis Racket?  

There are a lot of good rackets that make the Prince brand more enthusiastic for upcoming players. O3 technology produces rackets that have massive sweet spots. Jelena Jankovic, John Isner, and David Ferrer all have a fondness for Prince.

How good are Prince tennis racquets?

According to my experience, these rackets are recommended for beginners to advanced-level players, not for kids. These rackets offer highly maneuverable and give more power and control. The feel of these rackets is also at its peak. I personally love this spin despite its small head. There is a unique composition to the Prince rackets that make them popular.

Who acquired the best prince racquet?

The Prince trademark was obtained by Authentic Brands after filing a bankruptcy petition with the U.S. Court of Appeals.


 According to the complete tutorial, the best prince rackets are designed to have good structure and better playing setups. In addition, each racket offers a better head size to improve comfort. These rackets feature an ergonomic grip and string pattern. Spin and control levels are also available.

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