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Best Tennis Racket For Women

Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men’s?

Choosing the best tennis racket for women is the crucial part of your game which enhances your skill level and game potential, and you can quickly generate top spins.

Initially, you might wonder how men’s and the Best Tennis Rackets for Women differ. Best tennis racquets for women vary significantly from men in several ways. My recommended rackets are ideally suited for women whose ability and gameplay potential are increasing.

Because many rackets are available on the market, finding a suitable racket for women can be difficult. Finding the rackets for womens will be easy if you follow our top picks and best recommendations. Each racket has its features and specifications that we take into account.

There are tennis rackets for women to suit all skill levels, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional. The best rackets have been added to our list, which is good, and all of the paragraphs contain detailed information about the rackets.

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Several difficulties that womens may encounter:

Choosing the perfect tennis racket can be tricky for women in 2023, as they face some unique challenges compared to men. For starters, the selection of rackets designed specifically for women is often more limited. With fewer options, finding the ideal racket that meets their needs and playing style is harder.

Many women also have smaller hands than men, so getting the right grip size is crucial to prevent injury and maximize performance. At the same time, women need to find the right balance between power and control in a racket. While some favor control over sheer power, others may want a racket with more pop. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Staying on top of the latest racket technologies and materials can also be daunting. With new developments happening constantly, knowing which innovations help your game as a female player is tough.

And finally, women unfortunately still face stereotypes and societal pressures when choosing a racket. Some may feel compelled to use the same rackets as famous female players or conform to traditional expectations about women’s tennis gear and appearance.

To overcome these difficulties: women can take the following steps:

Conducting thorough research is crucial to finding rackets designed specifically for women’s players. Look for ones made just for women or with features to accommodate different needs and preferences.

Whenever possible, demo a variety of rackets before deciding which one to buy. This allows you to get a feel for what works best for your own playing style and comfort. Speaking with tennis pros, instructors, or knowledgeable salespeople can provide useful guidance based on their expertise.

Customizing an existing racket by modifying the grip size or weighting can also help tailor it exactly to your needs and optimize performance. The goal is to find a racket that feels like an extension of your arm and elevates your strengths on the court. With the right information and testing, you can find the perfect racket fit.

Are tennis racquets for women different from men’s?

Tennis Game
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 26

You may wonder what the difference between men’s and women’s tennis rackets is if you start playing the game. Women’s rackets differ from men’s, but they require additional features. These are some factors that women consider when they are buying tennis rackets.

  • Most women need to require a lighter frame.
  • Smaller grip size
  • Large head.

Not all cases are like this. Tennis rackets for men are preferred by most women, in my experience. Exception. The T-Rebound is Tecnifibre’s tennis racquet for women.

How Important Is Your women’s tennis racquets Choice:

Best Tennis Racquets For Women
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 27

Yes. Racquets are crucial to a player’s success. You can improve your performance and play best if you choose the right racket as a beginner. As you gain experience and master the techniques and skills, you will be able to learn more advanced techniques and skills.

Another way to understand this point is to look at it from another perspective. Tennis rackets that are too expensive cannot enhance your performance or skills, but the right racket that you buy based on your skills and performance will help you become a professional.

Racquet brands manufacture tennis rackets according to player skills like topspin, power, and control, and they are lightweight for beginners.

Which tennis racquets do the women pros use?

If we go for the best tennis rackets for women, we see that the three best brands are reliable, durable, and the best so far. 

  1. Wilson Tennis Rackets
  2. Head Tennis Rackets
  3. Babolat Tennis Rackets
  4. Yonex Tennis Rackets
  5. Prince Tennis Rackets

Among the top brands for women’s tennis are Wilson, Head, and Babolat, which offer several features to help you enhance your game potential and control your shots better.

Women tennis players who smashed racquets?

A racket smash releases tension in a match. Tennis players smash their rackets when they lose a point or are not performing well. My favorite example of a player hitting the racket is when they are exhausted and have lost all their energy.

In frustration, players smash their rackets. Here is the list of women and men players who must break their rackets during matches.

  • Irina-Camelia Begu
  • Marcos Baghdatis
  • Fernando Gonzalez
  • Fernando Gonzalez
  • Grigor Dimitrov

Types of Women’s Tennis Rackets:

Best Tennis Racquet For Women
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 28

We are going to discuss three different types of women’s tennis rackets. You can choose between power, control, and Tween rackets. You can easily buy the best tennis if you know them.

Power racquets:

Power rackets can be great options for beginners looking to add force to their shots. With their large head sizes, power rackets provide a bigger sweet spot and margin for error, making it easier to hit solid shots.

The stiff frame construction transfers maximum energy to the ball on impact, resulting in punishing groundstrokes that can put opponents on the defensive. At the same time, their lighter weight, often ranging from 240–270 g, allows for easy maneuverability and swing speed.

Though control may be sacrificed, the extra power these rackets provide can give beginners the confidence boost they need to hit aggressive shots and start developing their games. For those looking to add more pop to their strokes during rallies, power rackets are a smart choice to consider.

With their combination of lightweight feel and force-generating design, power rackets can help beginners hit hard and enjoy the game while improving their skills.

Control Rackets

These rackets are specially designed for intermediate or advanced players with better experience controlling how much power is required.

The functionality of the small head reduces the trampoline effect and helps the players to control more speed shots at once.

Most of the time, these rackets are designed with flexible features that are made with the 65 frame, which helps the player to have more control and prevent arm injuries.

Closing the gap between strings lessens the “trampoline effect” and increases playability.

In all of them, the rackets are heavier and help the player generate more power and control. That’s when the more skilled person only used heavy rackets. In simple ways, I want to tell you the intermediate women players used control racquets which helped to jump their skill level to advanced. A heavier racquet is needed for smaller heads. About 10.5 ounces is how much it weighs.

Most players say that’s the weight perfect. Remember our helpful tip:

  • First, take a heavy stick.
  • Take it out on your hand.
  • Try to move up and front on the net or house.

After that, you will easily judge what’s weight perfect for your skills or body language.

Tweener Racquets

As the name suggests, tweener rackets fall somewhere between power and control models, offering a blend of both attributes. They typically have head sizes in the midsize range, string patterns that are more open, and weights between 10 and 11 ounces. With their flex and response in the mid-range, tweeners provide a versatile option for generating spin and power.

These rackets are best suited for intermediate or advanced players looking to take their game up a notch. With the ability to flex on power shots while still offering stability on touch shots, tweeners give players control while allowing them to hit with pace when needed.

Their balance of plow-through and precision makes them ideal for versatile players who want to continue developing an all-around game with a blend of control and force. For those with well-rounded skills seeking to optimize finesse and firepower, tweener rackets can provide the ideal middle ground and elevate their play.

Long-Term Goals Of Women’s Tennis Racket

You need a tennis racket designed for women to run your racket. If you are forbidden from joining the women’s league and dare to do so, choose a lighter pick that helps you improve your skills.

If you want to play tennis for recreation and with friends, buying a cheap choice and upgrading it after two years of playing is best. Inexpensive choice are perfect for women because they have all the necessary features. 

You should start with cheaper rackets to become a professional player. Having cheaper rackets will help you improve your skills and save money, so you don’t have to worry about that. Inexpensive tennis rackets are still purchased for learning tennis.

Yes, if you are a professional player with a lot of experience with the court and the net and want those rackets that fill your need, then buy the heavy-weight, Advanced equipment of rackets.

How Did Your Stroke Happen?

The women’s beginner player choices are those with powerful strokes and low swing weight. The table below shows power and weight about each other. The racket you choose can be lightweight, powerful, and have good spin potential if chosen according to our categories.

levelWeight LevelWeight LevelWeight measure
BeginnerlightweightHigh8-9.6 ounces
intermediateMid-weightMedium9.6-11.3 ounces
AdvancedHeavy WeightLow11.3-12 ounces

Budget for best women’s tennis racquets?

Tennis rackets can be found in a wide price range, so how much you spend on one is ultimately up to you and your priorities. Depending on the brand and features, tennis rackets can range in price from under $100 to several hundred.

The general rule is that a more expensive racket will be of higher quality and have more features, such as a larger sweet spot and increased control. A more expensive racket may only sometimes be the best option for a given player. A player’s skill level, playing style, and personal preferences are all important considerations when making a racket purchase.

What does control mean?

Advanced tennis players are always looking to improve their game by upgrading to rackets that provide more control. Control is crucial because you need precision on every shot-serves, volley, and groundstroke to place the ball exactly where you want. With a racket that lacks control, you can easily lose points and matches.

Control comes from having a smaller racket head size and a heavier overall weight, generally 290–330 grams. The smaller head gives you better feel and accuracy, while the extra heft helps stabilize each shot. For competitive players who have mastered technique, a control-focused racket can be the difference-maker that takes their game to the next level by optimizing shot placement point after point.

Grip Size Considerations for Women’s tennis racquets:

The grip size on a tennis racket matters for both comfort and control on the court. The racket’s handle’s circumference in inches is the grip size, which determines the racket’s size. While a too-small grip could lead to hand cramps and discomfort on the court, a too-large grip could make it tough to keep the racket under control.

Depending on the size of your hand, the recommended range for a woman’s grip is 4 1/4 inches to 4 3/4 inches. Players with smaller hands prefer a smaller grip size, while those with larger hands might do better with a bigger one. A racket with a smaller circumference will be easier to hold, so if you’re on the fence about what size to get, go with the smaller one.

For those who need help with their grip size, rackets with interchangeable grips are available. Some rackets are designed with cushioned or textured grips to make playing more pleasant and give the player more leverage. In the end, you and the size of your hands will determine the optimal grip size. Experimenting with different grip sizes could be beneficial to find the one that best suits your needs.

Best Types of Strings for Women’s Tennis Racquets

Best Womens Tennis Racket
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 29

Tennis strings are an important factor that can improve different aspects of your game. The right strings can make your racket feel more responsive while adding power and accuracy to your shots. With so many playing styles, there are lots of string options to match each person’s preferences. High-quality, well-constructed strings can also increase durability, meaning you won’t have to get your racket restrung as often.

Synthetic gut strings: 

Synthetic gut strings were created as a more affordable and durable alternative to natural gut strings made from animal intestines. While natural gut strings have excellent playability and feel, they are costly and don’t last as long as other options.

In the 1970s, the first synthetic gut strings made of nylon and polyester were introduced. However, early versions lacked the performance and feel of a natural gut. With advances in materials and manufacturing, players of all skill levels now use modern synthetic gut strings.

Compared to natural guts, synthetic guts are generally less expensive, more durable, easier to produce, and more environmentally friendly. While natural gut still has its benefits, synthetics have improved significantly in playability and feel thanks to improved technology and materials.

Multifilament strings:

Tennis rackets commonly use multifilament strings, made up of numerous strands of material twisted together to form a soft and pliable string. Multifilament strings are popular with players who prioritize comfort and power, owing to their smooth playability and natural feel. The multiple strands twisted together create a flexible string that absorbs shock and vibration, providing a comfortable hitting experience.

In the ’80s and ’90s, scientists and engineers created the first practical multifilament strings. They were constructed from synthetic materials like nylon and polyester to simulate the tone and feel of natural gut strings at a fraction of the cost.

Multifilament strings have evolved, and now they can be crafted from a wide range of synthetic materials like polymers. Many companies produce them, and players of all skill levels use them.

tennis racquets for Women: What to Consider

Tennis Racquets For Women
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 30

There are many crucial factors to buying the best tennis racket for women, but the right tennis racket helps you to grow your skills and check that you’re improving after some time. 


The grip size of a tennis racket is an important factor when choosing a racket, especially for women. The grip size refers to finding the right balance between the measurements of the racket handle and your hand size.

If you are unsure which grip size is best, a small grip is a good choice. Tennis grip sizes range from 1 to 5, so you can move to a slightly larger grip later once you get more experienced.

A proper tennis grip can help prevent injuries like hand blisters and elbow pain by ensuring the racket fits your hand well. It also allows you to play more comfortably and enjoy the game.

A smaller grip size is usually recommended for beginners if it feels comfortable. You can stick with that size as long as it continues feeling right. The key is finding the grip that best fits and feels when holding and swinging the racket.


Tennis rackets come in a wide range of prices. When choosing a racket, it’s important to consider your budget and select one that aligns with how much you want to spend. More importantly, set your goals and skill level before purchasing a racket.

If you’re a beginner woman just looking to learn the game, inexpensive rackets are a good option. As you develop your skills and want to play more seriously, mid-range to expensive are better choices if you want to play for a long time.

The key is to buy a racket that matches your goals, skill level, and budget. As a beginner, a cheaper choice allows you to learn without a huge investment. But as you advance, using a higher quality can help elevate your game over the long run. The right racket for you depends on carefully weighing your needs, abilities, and financial situation.

Weight and Maneuverability:

Weight and movement are important factors when purchasing a racket. To account for the physical variations between the genders, women’s choice tend to be slightly lighter than men’s.

Players are better able to swing and react quickly during difficult rallies because of a lighter racket’s improved control and agility. Finding a racket that fits naturally in the palm of your hand is crucial.

Head Size and Sweet Spot:

Tennis rackets for womens often have a somewhat bigger head size than those for males. The location on the string mattress that produces the most power and control has a sweet spot, which is more forgiving when the head size is bigger. A bigger sweet spot on the racket improves stroke accuracy and reduces the chances of mishitting the ball.

Frame Stiffness and Power Control:

The amount of power and control a tennis player can generate depends on the stiffness of the racket’s frame. Best Tennis rackets for women often feature a slightly more flexible frame than those for males. A more flexible frame offers more power and aids in absorbing stress upon an accident, lowering the possibility of arm injuries. An excessively flexible racket, however, could lack control and accuracy.

Balance and Stability:

A tennis racket’s balance and stability are important factors in a player’s performance. Rackets are classified into three forms of balance: head-heavy, head-light, and evenly balanced. Head-heavy rackets have more power but are more difficult to move, whilst head-light rackets have better mobility but need more work to create power. Evenly balanced rackets strive for a balance of power and mobility.

What’s your style of play?

Playing on the court helps you identify your game style. Tennis players fall into three types

Rusher at the net:
When you want to hit the volleys very closely and live near to the net then you fall in the category of net rusher.
All court:
Play from wherever you feel comfortable on the court
Aggressive baseliner:
Prefers groundstrokes and string hitting and has the skills to generate spin easily.

First, you need to read all category which is given and after deciding on the tennis racket that you want and why you recommend it. It doesn’t mean that you must need that category of rackets. This guide is perfect for those who love to play on the court. So I have experienced that the playing category helps you to grow your skills and performance.

Body Size:

Most people do not like their body size, which is another important factor. Here, we discuss how a woman’s body size can negatively affect her tennis game. Understanding how women’s bodies differ from men’s and how they can influence your game is important.

Rackets are very useful. Using a wide-framed racket is best if you’re not naturally strong. This racket type requires no power from you. 

Overshooting can be prevented with narrow rackets if you are stronger. Enhance your strengths rather than weaken your weaknesses.

Comparison of best tennis racquet for women


Best Tennis Racket For Women

HEAD Gravity PRO Tennis Racquet

  • Features: The racket head size is 100 sq. with 332 grams of pre-strung weight.
  • Benefits: The racket falls in the category of heavyweight baseline players, especially for aggressive or advanced players.

Check on Amazon


Best Beginner Tennis Racquets For Women

Wilson Clash 100 V2 Tennis Racquet

  • Features: The racket has 100 middle-weight square inches (310 grams).
  • Benefits: The flexible and lightweight racket generates much power and spins designed for intermediate players.


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Best Beginner Tennis Racquets For Women

Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP Tennis Racquet

  • Features: The small head is 100 square inches with less weight than 105 grams racket comes with a 16 by 19 string pattern.
  • Benefits: The more comfortable and arm-friendly tennis racket stiffer than others on our list is specially designed for advanced players.


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Tennis Racquets For Women

Wilson Clash 100 Tour Unstrung Tennis Racquet

  • Features: The head size of this racket is 100 square inches, the length is 27 inches the weight is 280 grams.
  • Benefits: The more lightweight and good-feel racket, especially for beginner women and intermediates that can generate power and spin.
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Yonex Ezone 98 Tennis Racket

YONEX EZONE 98 (305G) Tennis Racquet

  • Features: The racket head size is 98 square inches, that’s heavyweight with the prestrung feature.
  • Benefits: The baseline tennis racket offers great power and spin, which is easy to maneuver.
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Best Tennis Racket Under 50

HEAD Radical MP Tennis Racquet

  • Features: This racket is specially designed for pro players who mostly like small heads (98 square inches), and the weight of this racket is 300 g
  • Benefits: Perfect choice for pro players that are easy to control and has lightweight and power features.
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Babolat 2021 Boost Drive Strung Cheap Tennis Racquet

Babolat 2021 Boost Drive Strung Tennis Racquet

  • Features: The head size of this racket is 103 square inches which is more lightweight than the 275 grams that come with the prestrung feature.
  • Benefits: The lightweight, flexible, and best control racket is specially designed for teenage girls.
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Head Ti.s6 Cheap Tennis Racquet

HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet – Strung

  • Features: The large head size is 115 square inches racket weighs 250 grams.
  • Benefits: The racket is lightweight despite its large head, which is more durable. The racket can play on all skill and court levels.
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8 best tennis racquets for women

HEAD Gravity PRO Tennis Racquet Based On Your Usage : Best Tennis Rackets for Women

Best Tennis Rackets For Women
String Pattern18×20
Sweet SpotLarge
WeightApproximately 315 grams (11.1 ounces)
Racket StiffnessMedium to Stiff

Almost a year ago, I bought my racket. Compared to other rackets I’ve used, it handles naturally and only has one paint chip falling on them.

My Female tennis friend reviewed this. She said, “I noticed the lighter weight, checking in at just 9.7oz strung. The lighter frame provided better maneuverability without sacrificing power. I also appreciated the slightly extended length of 27.25 inches, giving me more reach on returns.”

The oversized 115 sq. in. head size gave me a generous sweet spot, and I felt like I could confidently whip the racket through the hitting zone. My groundstrokes had penetrating depth, and spins were easy to generate. Volleys felt crisp and controlled, even when reaching for balls. The racket felt extremely stable during serves as well. I was able to dial in my placement consistently.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Head Gravity Pro for intermediate to advanced female players looking for a forgiving, power-packed racket. The blend of control and spin potential allows you to dictate points and aggressively move the ball around the court.


The Head Gravity Pro is designed to provide stability and control for women players. Its carbon compositions make it a top contender in women’s tennis. As a result, women can confidently play at any level without fear of losing control of the racket.


The Head Gravity Pro is more durable than other rackets on the market. Even after several months of continuous use, the racket only has one paint chip, making it an excellent investment for any woman looking to improve her tennis game.

It is easy to level this racket, which became loose during the match.

  • Great control and stability
  • Great handle 
  • Arm Friendly
  • A little bit expensive, not for beginners.

Our Verdict:

This racket is constructed from lightweight graphite spiral fiber technology, making it more durable and stable. Our top recommendation is the racket because of its great spin, power, and forgiveness, making it a great choice for professionals.

Wilson Clash Tennis Racquet: Unleash Your Winning Power

Best Beginner Tennis Racquets For Women
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 31
Head Size100 sq. in.
Length27 inches
Unstrung Weight10.4 ounces (295 grams)
Strung Weight10.9 ounces (309 grams)
Balance4 pts Head Light
Swing Weight312

Is the Wilson Clash 100v2 Tennis Racket the Right Choice for You?

Living close to the city or in problematic areas where tennis is a daily routine can quickly catch your attention. The Wilson Clash 100v2 has been a popular choice among players since its launch earlier this year. This article will review the features of the Wilson Clash 100v2 and help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

I’d like to see further improvement in stability on off-center hits. Some shots felt pingy and vibrated harshly when I didn’t strike the sweet spot. Adding some mass could help provide more plow-through on those mishits. I’d also recommend installing a vibration dampener, as the lively feel could cause arm discomfort for some players.

I immediately noticed the sleek, bold cosmetic update on this version. Combined with a new carbon vibration dampener, this racquet packs a serious punch while feeling buttery smooth on contact. Groundstrokes explode off the strings with pinpoint directional control. I could aggressively strike the ball and aim precisely, allowing me to dictate points and push my opponents back.

My serve speed and spin also saw a nice boost with the V2. The hoop’s flex combined with the strings’ pop resulted in explosive power on serves. I could consistently crank out speedy, spin-loaded shots to gain an advantage in my service games. Volleys also felt crisp and accurate due to their precise handling. The racquet maneuvered smoothly to respond to my volley reactions at the net.

Great Feel:

One of the key features of the Wilson Clash 100v2 is its arm-friendly design. Players feel comfortable using this racket due to its smooth and comfortable feel. However, the racket’s price tag can negatively affect some intermediate players.

  • Power and control
  • Pure Flexible
  • Great spin and power
  • Expensive

Comparison of Two Best Brands Rackets For Women

HEAD Gravity PRO Tennis Racquet Based On Your Usage Vs. Wilson Clash Tennis Racquet: Unleash Your Winning Power

FeatureHEAD Gravity PROWilson Clash
Frame MaterialGraphene 360+ TechnologyFreeFlex carbon mapping
Head Size100 sq in100 sq in
Length27 inches27 inches
Strung Weight10.6 oz10.9 oz
Power LevelMedium-HighHigh
Spin PotentialMedium-HighHigh
  • HEAD is known for innovative racquet technologies like Graphene 360+ that aim to provide a solid, powerful response. Their branding focuses on advanced engineering for optimal power and control.
  • Wilson positions the Clash as the first racquet radically engineered for maximum flexibility using FreeFlex carbon mapping. Their branding focuses on new technologies that “free your game” through optimized flex and feel.
  • Both companies have long tennis histories and leverage their heritage in racquet innovation. However, Wilson aims for a more lifestyle-focused image courting recreational players, while HEAD targets competitive players looking for a technical advantage.

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed MP Tennis Racket: Unlock Your Power and Spin Potential

Best Tennis Rackets For Women
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 32

Rackets are passed at a mid-level level between players. Approximately 182 cm is my height. An unstrung racket is called a stringless racket.

Read More About How To String a Tennis Racket

Serious tennis players looking to improve their game should consider the HEAD Graphene 360 Speed MP. The company has updated this racket to make it more comfortable, controllable, and user-friendly, and better suited to modern court games.

The HEAD Graphene 360 Speed MP’s claims of delivering effortless power and easy spin through innovative graphene and spiral fiber technology caught my eye. I took this racquet out for an extended playtest to see if it could help unlock my aggressive baseline game.

Right away I felt the easy power on tap with the Speed MP. The racquet feels lively and responsive through the hitting zone, turning my swing speed into penetrating depth. I could aggressively strike the ball off both wings and direct it deep with consistency.

This extra plow-through allowed me to take control of rallies and push opponents back. The racquet also felt quite spin-friendly. I was able to generate heavy topspin on both forehands and backhands to keep the ball dipping and darting off the court.

Serving as a blast with this racquet. The blend of power and spin had my serve jumping off the strings. I could consistently produce speed and action on my serve to set up the point on my terms. Volleys also felt accurate due to their precise handling and stability.

My one knock is that touch shots and finesse demanded a lot of technique. The rigid racquet doesn’t provide a lot of feel so relying on your hands is a must for drop shots and angles. It’s ideal for an aggressive baseliner but may require added touch for versatile all-court players.

Why we Recommend:

This racket is designed with spiral fibers and modern 360+ graphite technology, which makes it stiffer than other rackets. Besides being flexible, the racket is comfortable and gives a great feel. As a result of its lightweight features, we recommend this racket to beginners to pro players.

  • Great durability and maneuverability
  • Spin and acceleration features
  • More flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Unstrung

Our Verdict:

The modern 360+ graphite technology racket is highly recommended for beginners to advanced players. With its lightweight and flexible features, it can be played by beginners because it can easily generate spin and power. We’ve selected this as our editor’s pick.

Champion’s Clash” 2023 Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquets For Women
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 33


  • Material: The racket head size is 100 square inches
  • Pre-Strung: The Racket comes with a pre-strung feature.
  • Weight: The weight of this racket is 300 grams
  • Skill Level: All skills levels.

As a former college women’s tennis player who has used various brands, including Wilson, Head, Donnay, and Dunlop, I highly recommend the Wilson Pro Staff LS racket.

With a small amount of added lead, this racket is ideal for players who rely on flat forehands and side-slice backhands and want a combination of touch and power in their game.

Perfect for High School and Teenage Girls:

With its balanced weight and design, this racket is perfectly suited for high school and teenage girls. It is an excellent choice for building skills and confidence early in a player’s career and can be used by beginners to advanced players.

Great Feel:

The Wilson Pro Staff LS racket is an arm-friendly design that generates more spin and power. It offers great control and a comfortable grip, making it a pleasure to play with. As a former player, I can attest to the great feel of this racket.

Suitable for All Skill Levels:

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this racket offers the same speed, spin, and control. It is perfect for women’s tennis at all levels of play and can be used on all court surfaces. My wife, a former tennis player, highly recommends this racket.

  • Vibration-free and lightweight.
  • The racket and string feel good.
  • Great Balanced
  • Beginners to advanced level players
  • Some stings were broken

Our Verdict:

The racket is n ideal choice for beginners to advanced players who prove their luck and develop their skills on the court. A tennis racket’s great features and advantages are more durable and stable, which gives you great spin and power for a long time. 

EZONE 2023 Tennis Racquet: Crafted to Match Your Playing Style

Best Tennis Rackets For Women
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 34


  • Material: The racket head size is 102 square inches
  • Pre-Strung: The racket comes with a pre-strung feature
  • Weight: The weight of this racket is 320 grams
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

The YONEX EZONE Tennis Racquet is a tool designed for intermediate-level players. It has a racket head size of 102 square inches, is pre-strung, and weighs 320 grams. Interested individuals can purchase either the unstrung rackets in-store or online.

However, it is important to note that the racket in the photograph is a 98 Ezone rather than a 100 Ezone. Despite this, the EZone DR98 will become available in 2019. The package in which the racket comes is perfect, and it is even cheaper than the Yonex bag.

The Yonex Ezone 98 is a great for individuals seeking quality at a low price. Despite its affordable cost, it has excellent features. I recommended this racket to my wife due to its impressive performance on the court.

The racket’s head is easy to manage and has a comfortable balance.

This racket falls under the baseline player category, providing great spin and groundstroke shots that are easy to control or play. This makes it possible to handle volleys at the net more quickly.

Compared to some competitors, this racket is less stable and versatile. However, women on a budget can still benefit from its good stability and versatility.

  • Very affordable
  • Great control and spin
  • Great feel
  • Frame stripping

Our Verdict:

The racket is specially designed for double players who can play well and have great shots on the court. The racket recommended for intermediate women has great control and feel and is relatively lightweight. This is our budget pick racket.

Radical MP Tennis Racquet by HEAD: Your Perfect Match for Court Dominance

Best Tennis Racquets For Women
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 35


  • Material: The racket head size is 100 square inches
  • Pre-Strung: Prestrung feature
  • Weight: The weight of this racket is 312g
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Advanced

You’re in luck if you’re a female player looking for a lightweight racket with great control and spin! We’ve compiled a list of the six best rackets on the market that are specifically designed for women players.

Sloane Stephens, one of the top players in the WTA, recommends one of the most popular rackets on our list. It’s a great option for beginners looking for a high-quality racket. Here are some of the key features of this racket that make it stand out from the rest:

Great Control and Spin:

Compared to other old rackets of head radicals, this racket has a great deal of stiffness. This results in a more controlled and precise shot. The racket has excellent stability and feel, which is important to many women players. It’s also designed to provide great spin, making it easier to keep the ball in play and control the direction of your shots.

Responsive and Accurate:

The Radical MP racquets are known for their lightweight and fast design, making them easy to maneuver. The 310 swing weight of this racket makes it even more responsive and pinpoints accurate. It’s perfect for beginner to intermediate-level players looking to take their game to the next level.

Different Grip Sizes:

Another great feature of this racket is its available in different grip sizes. This allows players to find a comfortable fit that feels right in their hands, which is essential for improving their game.

This racket is an excellent option for women players of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting or an advanced player, this racket offers great maneuverability, power, and spin. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality racket that will help you take your game to the next level, then be sure to check this one out!

  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Overall great control
  • Nothing Have Found

Our Verdict:

The great control and power racket are expensive, especially for intermediate players who like lightweight rackets. The racket is our best pick based on being lightweight and easy to Maneuver. The racket has been endorsed by the WTA player Sloane Stephens.

Boost Drive Tennis Racquet by Babolat: Potential on the Court

Best Tennis Rackets For Women
Best Tennis Rackets for Women 2023 | Are tennis racquets for women different from men's? 36


  • Material: The racket head size is 108 square inches
  • Pre-Strung: Pre-strung
  • Weight: The weight of this racket is 265  grams
  • Skill Level: Especially for beginners

My first Babolat racquet. A great racquet for returning to tennis. One of my favorite tennis players uses Babolat. Light enough for me. It has good power when in play. It’s beautiful!

For Beginners:

In my opinion, this racket is best for teenagers or beginners female players. The racket is very cheap in our list of best tennis racquets for women, which is more lightweight and flexible. In another way, we say that this racket is a great choice for those who earlier to learn tennis and reach your game the next and want to make a pro player.

Large Sweet Spot:

A large head size ensures that players can give wide-range shots and a large sweet spot with this racket. With this racket, you can create many maneuvers, and it is easy to play. A great deal of spin can be generated with great power. As a result of its great features, this racket is more suitable for beginners.


Since this tennis racket does not require much physical strength, it is also suitable for teenage girls or even children over ten.

  • Very affordable
  • Very lightweight and Easy to maneuver
  • Great control for beginner
  • Only Recommended for beginners

Our Verdict:

The great colorful scheme racket has especially for beginners with a lightweight frame that is easy to maneuver. The great head size gives a large sweet spot even its stability. 

EmpowerHER Ti.S6

Head Ti.s6 Cheap Tennis Racquet


  • Material: The racket head size is 115 square inches
  • Pre-Strung: Comes with a pre-strung feature
  • Weight: The weight of this racket is 260 grams
  • Skill Level: Beginners to intermediate players

Ideally suited for beginners. Getting hit by the ball hurts. With my old racquet, my arm hurt. You hardly notice the racquets. Fast and powerful. My shots improved after I bought this product. Excellent racquet for a reasonable price. It’s great.


The great racket for female beginners, which we named the head titanium S6 . The racket is a great choice for me based on the best experience, quite natural, great playability, and other great features we have noticed at a fair price. 

Lightweight Construction:

In recent years, the racket has gained great achievement in the market. The racket has the best choice for female beginners. That can be stable for a long time. The head racket is designed from titanium material, making it more lightweight and durable. 

Large Sweet Spot:

The great racket head size offers great control of the balls and gives a large sweet spot. The racket gives an extra spin to the court. Despite its lightweight frame, the racket is more powerful and durable due to its titanium frame.

  • The racket also produces plenty of spins.
  • Titanium Lightweight Frame
  • This racquet is super light but very strong
  • Weak string
  • 50% Restocking Fee

Our Verdict:

Beginner women looking to become big players will benefit from the titanium racket head frame. The racket head is very large, which provides a large sweet spot and a high margin for error. This racket is our leading pick based on the highest-quality features at a low price.

Top Recommendation for the best tennis racquets for women:


Head Ti.s6 Cheap Tennis Racquet

HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet


  • The large head-size racket helps to play a big shot and gives a sweet spot.
  • The racket is more lightweight, flexible, and has great spin and power.
  • Despite its lightweight, the racket is more powerful and durable due to the graphite and carbon material.

Tennis Racquets For Women

Wilson Clash 100 Tour


  • Dynamic flex and more swing are also the best features that can play for advanced players. 
  • The racket is more durable and powerful due to its carbon frame, so we recommend it for advanced players.
  • The racket is more flexible and arm friendly.

Best Tennis Racket For Women

HEAD Gravity PRO Tennis Racquet


  • The head racket is designed for intermediate to pro players.
  • The racket has great flexibility, spin, and speed, making it able for advanced women. 
  • The racket has a great blend of control and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Tennis Rackets for Women

Should women use lighter Picks?

Heavy rackets can absorb shock. The benefit is that your arm does not get so much shock. A heavy tennis racket can help you hit more powerful shots with less energy. Use a lightweight to mid-weight racket to grow your skill level and performance.

Are women’s tennis rackets different?

Women should use lighter rackets. Most women’s rackets weigh 75-85% less than men’s. Controlling shots and maneuvering rackets are much easier for women.

What size tennis racket should a woman use?

The length of the racket handle is referred to as the grip size. Women have smaller hands than males. Thus, smaller grip sizes are frequently more comfortable. The normal grip sizes vary from 4 to 4 5/8 inches, with 4 1/4 inches being the most popular for ladies.

Can men also use women’s tennis rackets?

Yes, guys can use women’s rackets provided the specs and characteristics of the rackets suit their playing style and preferences. While women’s tennis rackets are often constructed with features that cater to the demands of female players, such as lower weight and smaller grip sizes, males are not prohibited from playing them.

What is the best weight for a tennis racket for women?

In general, the weight of a tennis racket for women ranges from 9 to 11 ounces (255 to 312 grams). There is no one-size-fits-all solution, as some women prefer a lighter racket for better motion, while others prefer a slightly heavier racket for added stability and power.


 Women of any weight or type can find a product that suits them. Make sure you consider all the options. A confident choice is informed. Tennis racket selection requires comprehensive analysis. Styles vary in tennis rackets. I hope this blog post helped you choose the best tennis racquets for women.

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