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Best Yonex Tennis Rackets

Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98

 The Yonex brand is one of the best in tennis, offering a great variety of rackets with a wide range of names. In the recent ATP competitions, the Yonex brand ranked top four among the best players, with 15% of players using the Yonex brand.

Choosing the most suitable tennis racket that meets your needs is challenging in the modern era. Having to deal with it is like fighting for your life. No worries, many tennis brands are on the market, but we offer the most reliable brand, like Yonex, which offers the highest quality designs and performance.

Every player will benefit from best yonex tennis racquets because they have superior features. Thanks to high-performance quality, Yonex rackets provide a sizeable sweet spot every time. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned player. We will help you choose or find the appropriate Yonex tennis racket.

Yonex Tennis Racquets:

Not only are their rackets of high quality, but they are also very reasonably priced. The rackets are expertly designed for beginners, kids, recreational players, and professionals. The lightweight rackets with a large sweet spot, excellent Power, and excellent control are constructed with material and functionality of the highest quality.

Who uses Yonex Tennis Racquets?

Here are some professional players who use the Yonex racket brand for their competitive games. The names and list of experts are provided below.

  • Frances Tiafoe
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Andy Murray
  • Stan Wawrinka
  • Caroline Garcia
  • Steve Johnson
  • Genie Bouchard

All experts love the name because of its speed and spin-friendly nature.

Where are best yonex tennis racquets msade?

Where Are Yonex Tennis Racquets Made?
Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98 25

Production and prototyping are specialties. According to my personal information, best yonex tennis racquets are still made in Japan and can be purchased through a Japanese website. In the same way, those head brand rackets are manufactured in Austria, and Wilson rackets are manufactured in Chicago.

Japanese quality control, kaizen, harakiri, etc., attract my attention. 

China’s mainland is not listed on its website, and Taichung, Taiwan, is specifically mentioned.


Yonex tennis rackets are divided into two categories, EZONE and VCORE, both known for their quality and performance. Despite this, you are still unsure of which one is best for you in terms of quality or skill. Here are some comparisons to help you decide which is the most suitable.

Yonex EZONE 100 vs. VCORE 100

Yonex Ezone 100 Vs. Vcore 100
Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98 26

Although there are no significant differences between EZONE and VCORE, it still depends on your game style and how hard you hit the ball on the court. The rackets are the same in length, head size, and weight.


I’ve felt the same balance level, weight, and sweet spot with superior maneuverability with VCORE, which is only 2 grams heavier than EZONE. I have still found technical issues with VCORE.


EZONE has a higher flexible rate than VCORE, which is the only difference between them—specially designed for professional players, the Second Series line.

This racket is famous for its Power and precise control and is designed for players at all levels. The VCORE series is a great choice if you need a racket with excellent control and little control in your game. You should choose EZONE if you want something designed and professionally done. We care about you as well as your choice.

Yonex EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98

The EZONE 98 and VCORE 98 are the preferred choices for professional players who want better control and spin. Their technical fields are the same as ours and provide the same performance.

Based on control, size, and quality features, the EZONE 98 is the most powerful racket in the EZONE series. The racket offers the standard harsh vibration dampener on all Yonex rackets.

In addition, the VCORE 98 is more solid and has better construction, making it more durable after hitting hard on the court. Using a string pattern decreases its forgivingness and makes it easier to use. Yonex Tennis Rackets are homogeneous and best for those who want to play tennis.

Yonex Racquets how to choose:

Best Yonex Tennis Rackets

Having spent a lot of time researching, I have landed at this stage where we can easily pick out the best Yonex tennis rackets based on quality, size, and length.

Best Quality and Features:

This project aims to pick the best products across the whole brand range that meet our requirements (best quality, features, and durability).

Key Elements:

Some people ask me how I pick the best rackets. We want to keep some key elements in mind, such as durability, playability, spin, control, sweet spot, maneuverability, and skill level. Then we go for those rackets, play with them, and choose the best one.

The tennis racket market is flooded with brands and categories, so players can easily choose the best racket for their game. It is also possible for you to choose the best rackets that are guaranteed.

Our Best Yonex Tennis Rackets:



Yonex Ezone 98 Plus Deep Blue Yonex Tennis Racquet

YONEX EZONE 98 Plus Deep Blue

  • There are 98 square inches in the head of the racket, which makes it suitable for professional players.
  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Fast Swinging
  • Great Power and maneuverability
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Yonex Vcore 98 6Th Gen Yonex Tennis Racquet

YONEX VCORE 98 6th Gen

  • The racket head size is 95 square inches. Recommended for players at the intermediate to advanced level,
  • You can swing big with great control
  • One of the hardest rackets on the list
  • More precise and stable racket in the market.
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Yonex Ezone 100 Deep Blue Yonex Tennis Racquet

YONEX EZONE 100 Deep Blue Racquet

  • It has a 100-square-inch racket head.
  • All levels of players will find it useful This racket is very maneuverable and lightweight Easy to play
  • very spin-friendly and great control Great Power and spin.
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Balance Pick

Yonex Ezone 98 Tennis Racket


  • Yonex rackets with 98 square-inch heads are the most popular. This is recommended for advanced players
  • The racket has a versatile frame 
  • Great control and spin power. 
  • Sweet spot.
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For Newbies

Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (310G) Yonex Tennis Racquet

Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310G)

  • It has a racket head size of 97 square inches. You will only find it helpful if you are an intermediate player
  • It has a sleek design and is more user-friendly
  • Reducing harsh vibrations is beneficial for the arm as it reduces injury.
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Lightweight Pick

Yonex Ezone Ace Deep Blue Yonextennis Racquet


  • It is very beneficial for beginners because of its large head size.
  • For all times, it offers excellent control and topspin.
  • Very stable and durable
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Women’s Pick

Yonex Vcore 95 Yonex Tennis Racquet

YONEX VCORE 95 Tennis Racquet

  • 95 square inches is the size of the racket head. In which advanced players should take part. 
  • A great deal of spin and control makes indoor games great fun. 
  • The stale feel makes it very maneuverable and durable.
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Yonex Vcore 100

YONEX VCORE 100 6th Gen Tennis Racquet

  • There are 100 squares in the racket head. Which is suitable for a wide range of players.
  • The spin and control add to the aggressive approach.
  • I like it for groundstroke shots.
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Best Choice

Yonex Ezone Ace Deep Blue Tennis

YONEX EZONE ACE Deep Blue Tennis

  • Features: Brand YONEX, Grip Size 4 1/8 inches, Sport Type Tennis, Item Weight 10 Ounces
    connectivity and ultra-fast connection
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YONEX EZONE 98 Plus Deep Blue Tennis Racquet: For Advanced Players

Yonex Ezone 98 Plus Deep Blue Yonex Tennis Racquet
Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98 27
Effortless Power and consistency. Powerful ground strokes. Flat and topspin are hard. It’s stable and suitable for returns. No tension on head Syngut 120 gauge. Although cheap, the strings played well. It would generally come unstrung.


  • Head size: 98 sq. in
  • Stiffness: 63
  • String pattern: 16×19 across
  • Weight: 323g

YONEX EZONE 98 Plus Deep Blue Rating:

The Yonex Ezone tennis racket is highly recommended for its great spin and control, according to customer reports. It’s received high ratings due to its heavy hitters, less weight and arm flexibility, great power, and spin, which are best for intermediate players.

Their CSOT is very high, but their overall ranking impresses the tennis market.

It is our “Top Pick” because their results show that it is the best tennis racket for learning and improving a player’s rating and level.

When it comes to competitors, Wilson and Head tennis rackets, as well as Babolat, are the best for learning.

The ASIN rating by Consumer Reports:

Heavy Hitters4 stars
Weighty and arm friendly nature4 stars
Power and Spin5 stars
Skimping on Control stars
Consumer Rating4.8 Star
Best Sellers Rank4 star

It’s equipped with a graphite composition, which makes it arm-friendly. When you hit hard with this racket, you will feel fewer vibrations, and it has a large sweet spot, as well as other features that impress me greatly. 

YONEX EZONE 98 Plus Deep Blue Tennis Racquet

Our Yonex Ezone 98 racket is our Yonex series’s most popular and widely used racket. At the recreational level, the cheap racket became famous. Due to its easy maneuverability, the racket is also user-friendly.

Many professional players use this racket for junior players and play the series to demonstrate how we can use it. Due to its solid feel and lightweight features, Andy Murray and Nick Kyrgios have sponsored this racket.

There is a large and fantastic sweet spot on this racket. After regularly playing it long enough to play fast swinging shots, you will feel comfortable with this racket. Its combination of Power, speed, control and spin gives you a solid feel and allows players to compete with the best.

The Vcore series is not recommended for beginners because the rackets do not have Power or spin. However, professional players will benefit from this racket’s user-friendliness.

  • Power and consistency
  • Well for groundstrokes
  • Arm Friendly
  • Bad choice for beginners
  • Unstrung

For intermediate players who have the potential to achieve points and win games, this racket is specially designed. It has a solid feel with good maneuverability and Power. This contributes to the Ezobne 98 racket’s ease of use. This makes it resistant to serious elbow injuries.

YONEX VCORE 98 6th Gen Tennis Racquet: For Spin and Control:

Yonex Vcore 98 6Th Gen Yonex Tennis Racquet
Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98 28
Excellent racquet! Former professionals highly recommend it. You can have your racquet strung or not. It’s great to communicate. We’ve changed the Ezone tour. On the net, Vcore is easier.

Second on the list is the Control Racket, known for its brand name Vcore 98. Professional players have recently endorsed this racket and dubbed it a recreational racket. Likewise, intermediate and advanced-level players have endorsed this racket.

Unlike the series of Vcore rackets, it is the most precise racket on the market. The consistent racket demands a high level of performance and superior performance and quality features. Using this racket, you can play for a long time and with pinpoint accuracy.

Due to its lack of beginner features, this racket is only a professional choice for a beginner with the ability to generate spin and Power on their own.

Vcore 98 needs a more user-friendly interface, as we discussed earlier. The racket is easy to play with if you are a pro player. In our series, this is one of the hardest rackets but also one of the most precise. You can also find some of the best rackets to help you achieve your goals. Professionals can only use this racket.


  • Head size: 95 sq. in
  • Stiffness: 62
  • Weight: 326g’
  • String pattern: 16×20 across
  • Great solid feel
  • Great Accuracy
  • More control and Power
  • More stiffness.
  • Lacks functionality

YONEX EZONE 100 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet: Best For Beginners

Yonex Ezone 100 Deep Blue Yonex Tennis Racquet
Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98 29
The racket was scratched from shipping. Although the strings looked like the picture, they did not have any Yonex logos. I like this racket.


  • Head size: 100 sq. in
  • Weight: 318g
  • String pattern: 16×19 across
  • Stiffness: 68

YONEX EZONE 100 Deep Blue Rating:

The overall customer rating is 5 stars, but some complain that the racket lacks power, which we require, that there is no logo on the strings, and that there are technical issues.It has received high ratings from customers who are genuinely interested in, love, and understand the functionality of this racket.

The Yonex brand launched this racket to make intermediate players into pros. It’s an affordable option only for intermediate or advanced players.

The Get Tennis Bar test result shows that the racket meets all the requirements of ASIN. I would really recommend this racket due to its ease of holding, large sweet spot, and great enough power to down your opponents.

The ASIN rating by Consumer Reports:

Heavy Hitters5 stars
Weighty and arm-friendly nature3.5 stars
Power and Spin4 stars
Skimping on Control4 stars
Consumer Rating4.5 Star
Best Sellers Rank4 star

Because Yonex strings its racquets with synthetic gut, it no longer includes covers.

It’s equipped with a graphite and carbon composition to make this racket lighter and increase its performance.

Summary of YONEX EZONE 100 Deep Blue

A racket with excellent maneuverability and easy playability. The racket gives the player playable control whenever an opponent plays a big shot. In addition, this racket features an isometric head shape, which extends the sweet spot, making it more user-friendly.

Due to modern technology, the Ezone 100 is more potent than the Ezone 98. With its power feature, this racket is also spin-friendly, making it suitable for players of all levels. In addition, this racket is packed with Power, spin, and control, making it an excellent choice for aggressive playing styles.

In addition to being a good choice for intermediate players, the Yonex Ezone 100 is also a good choice for all types of play. Also, this racket can be prepared on order and played for a long time.

In addition, it is also a great option if you are still a beginner and want to take your game to the next level. Still, this racket is in excellent condition, endorsed by professional Canadian players.

  • Good looking and have lots of control
  • Spin-friendly
  • Great Maneuverability
  • No logo on strings (Technical issue)

YONEX EZONE 98 (305G): Best Overall

Yonex Ezone 98 Tennis Racket
Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98 30
This is the best racket of 2022. Like EZone DR 98 last year. A perfect package and reliable shipping. Even without the original Yonex bag, the price was reasonable. Power is input by the user. The racquet is above average in general.


  • Head size: 98 sq. in
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Stiffness: 64
  • String pattern: 16 / 19 across

YONEX EZONE 98 (305G) Rating:

All of the Yonex Ezone series are the same, but they differ in price, skill level, and performance.25 customer reviews with a rating of 5 stars out of 32It received high marks on the basis of great shipping, great feel, and power. It’s a heavyweight, so that’s why I don’t recommend it for beginners.

Yonex’s Ezone 98 tennis racket is only recommended for intermediate or advanced players. The hard-hitting racket is generally very hard to use, and professional players love that type of racket.

The Get Tennis Bar Test Result demonstrates that the racket has incredible features that will undoubtedly impress players with their performance.

The ASIN rating by Consumer Reports:

Heavy Hitters5 stars
Weighty and arm friendly nature3 stars
Power and Spin4 stars
Skimping on Control5 stars
Consumer Rating4.7 Star
Best Sellers Rank5 star

Absolutely, if you order any other brand’s performance racquet, the EZone 98 is the best choice for interesting players due to its performance and design. We can have it strung with the preferred string and tension setup.

Summary of YONEX EZONE 98 (305G)

Among the rackets available, the Yonex 98 is our favorite. After a long time, we have finally made our successful choice in the Yonex market. The features and quality of this product are outstanding, and it gives the opponent an extra bounce on the court due to its high performance.

Specifically designed for intermediate to advanced players and competitive games, this racket is recommended for many players. With its great spin and Power, the racket is specially designed for controlling opponents.

As a result, players have a solid connection to the game because the racket gives them such a solid feel.

Using this racket, you can play excellent volleys and high-level interactive games that are easy to maneuver. Using modern technology, the Yonex Brand is more comfortable for users and more user-friendly.

The racket’s small head size gives it a wide sweet spot. Stability is better, although there are a few disadvantages.

  • Great feel and Power
  • unstrung racket
  • Solid Feel
  • Arm Friendly
  • Ripping tennis racket frames

Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310G): Best For Intermediate Players

Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (310G) Yonex Tennis Racquet
Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98 31

We recommend Yonex VCORE Pro 97 for intermediate players because it’s incomparable. Despite its small head size, the excellent and good-looking racket performs well on all courts. This racket describes all Ynoex features in a more user-friendly way.

With the precision and maneuverability of the racket, you will be able to show all your skills on the court. It is more comfortable on the arm due to the solid and clean feel. The updated technology in this racket allows it to provide enhanced spin potential, even when it is hit hard.

Increasing comfortability through reducing noise vibrations is more beneficial for the Yonex brand. The racket does not have more ability to generate Power, but this way, they try, and the players show their physical strength.

As a result, the racket is less capable of generating Power, but it is a way to test the players’ strength. Only that balancing act was found in our experiment.

  • Stiffness: 64
  • String pattern: 16 / 19 across
  • Head size: 97 sq. in
  • Weight: 326 g
  • Generate more spin
  • Attractive design
  • High precision and maneuver
  • A little bit expensive not for beginners.

YONEX EZONE ACE Deep Blue Tennis Racquet: Beginners Choice

Yonex Ezone Ace Deep Blue Yonextennis Racquet
Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98 32
It is a fantastic racquet! Numerous coaches have recommended it as a high-quality, lightweight racquet at an affordable price. It was necessary to remove the sticky plastic wrapper to remove a lot of the new grip.

The Yonex Ezone ACE deep blue is the best choice for beginners who want to take their game to the next level. The easy-to-grip tennis racket is loaded with all the excellent features beginners seekers are looking for.

String pattern enhances topspin and control, which is specially designed for beginners and is an excellent tool for learning techniques. My power has improved, and I have been swinging more on the court during the practice phase. Our budget pick is perfect if you’re looking for a durable racket.

The more you practice, the more accurate you will be. With just 276 grams of weight, this racket is easy to play for women and has a big sweet spot. Because of its lightweight, the players can easily maneuver and control it. The arm racket is very comfortable and increases people’s knowledge by causing unnecessary mistakes.


  • Head size: 102 sq. in
  • Weight: 276 g
  • Stiffness: 68
  • String pattern: 16 / 19 across
  • Quality lightweight racquet
  • Very Affordable
  • Rise power and control
  • Technical Issue

YONEX VCORE 95 Tennis Racquet: Best by Budget

Yonex Vcore 100 6Th Gen Yonex Tennis Racquet
Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98 33
Too many professional players endorse Yonex Vcore 95 pro, which is an incredible choice for advanced players. In addition to its attractive design, the racket delivers superior performance on the court. For players to easily control the ball during the game, it is designed explicitly for spin and control.


  • Head size: 95 sq. in
  • Weight: 326 g
  • Stiffness: 64
  • String pattern: 16 main / 20 across

YONEX VCORE 95 Rating:

Yonex Vcore is our top pick. Heavyweight and power earned it 4 stars. It’s for advanced players who like tough competition.

The racket is strong, portable, and easy to use, per ASIN.

Rack Analysis needs are met. This item was chosen for its design, durability, arm friendliness, and power.

The ASIN rating by Consumer Reports:

Heavy Hitters5 stars
Weighty and arm friendly nature3 stars
Power and Spin4 stars
Skimping on Control5 stars
Consumer Rating4.7 Star
Best Sellers Rank5 star

Its graphite material increases stability and power. It scores more points on the court with more power.

Summary of YONEX VCORE 95

Using an isometric shape makes the racket unique, giving it extra control and comfort for the arm. Its combination of stability, spin, Power, and control enhances maneuverability, making it a game changer.

A high-precision racket allows players to hit shots on target with Power while still hitting them from different directions. The high-performance racket has a solid feel and a smooth swing. Racket lacks facilities for players to prove their strength on their own.

As a result of their unique sting pattern, they can increase their swing throughout the game, but they do not serve more time. Despite these flaws, the racket offers excellent heavy spin and control.

  • It has great control and spin.
  • Stability
  • Great Power
  • Solid feel
  • Came Unstrung
  • A little stiff at the beginning

YONEX VCORE 100 6th Gen Tennis Racquet: Best Value

Yonex Vcore 100 6Th Gen Tennis Racquet
Best Yonex Tennis Racket 2023 | EZONE 98 vs. VCORE 98 34

Our list’s last highly rated product comes from the Yonex brand, the world’s largest-selling and most recognized brand. Its products are made in Japan. Due to its spin and control, the Yonex VCORE 100 tennis racket is suitable for a wide range of players and is designed specifically for aggressive play.

Beautiful sleek, and impressive design, the racket makes it easy for players to connect with it. With the highly precise and responsive racket, players can hit big shots on the court, and shiny allows you to play groundstroke shots easily.

HM Graphite is used to make the racket frame, which makes it more stable and durable. Furthermore, the racket offers high speed and easy maneuverability to prevent elbow injuries. As the game progressed, the enjoyment of returning pieces decreased. This racket may be challenging to control for double players, and this racket did not cause me any problems.


  • Head size: 100 sq. in
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Stiffness: 66
  • String pattern: 16 main / 19 across
  • Better quality strings.
  • comes prestressed
  • Great string tension.
  • Great spin and Power
  • Arm Friendly
  • There were fewer returns
  • Not Recommended for advanced players

Top Recommended Yonex Tennis Rackets

YONEX EZONE 100 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet

Yonex Ezone 100 Deep Blue Yonex Tennis Racquet

  • As a result of its isometric shape, it increases the sweet spot, which is why it is our top pick.
  • The EZONE 100 generates more Power and control than the EZONE 98.
  • The players can take an aggressive approach to the game through spin, control, and maneuverability.
  • For intermediate and advanced players, I recommend this racket. Beginners may find this racket uncomfortable.
Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310G)

Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (310G) Yonex Tennis Racquet

  • For intermediate players, this racket is sleek and impressive. Vcore Yonex Vcore 100 6th Gen rackets have become more successful than pro 95 due to their performance.
  • This racket is best suited to the eastern forehand grip technique because it is light and spins well.
  • I love the way it performs and how maneuverable it is.
YONEX VCORE 95 Tennis Racquet

Yonex Vcore 95  Yonex Tennis Racquet

  • Spin and control are fantastic on this racket.
  • Many professionals endorse the Yonex Vcore 95 racket for advanced players. Our budget and sponsored picks are based on this.
  • Specially designed racket for excellent control and spin, offering players stability and a solid feel.
  • String density maximizes spin. There are downsides, however.

Other Recommended Brands For tennis rackets:

Frequently Asked Questions:

For those of you still confused about which Yonex tennis racket is the best, here are some questions you may find helpful.

why do people use yonex racquets?

Yonex rackets are renowned for their top notch and outstanding efficiency. They offer players with a high degree of control and force, so tennis players of all skill levels should choose them!

Are Yonex tennis racquets any good?

Yonex tennis rackets have earned a reputation for quality, performance, control, and large sweet spots sponsored by the most professional players. There are rackets designed for all levels of players, from beginners to advanced. However, the racket should be selected according to the player’s skill level and performance.

Where are Yonex tennis racquets made?

Yonex rackets have been manufactured in Japan for the past 60 years. Japanese rackets were manufactured for the first time in 1946. Founded in Osaka, Yonex has been developing tennis and other equipment over the last 60 years.

Who uses Yonex tennis racquets?

Tennis players like Rafael Nadal, Frances Tiafoe, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, and Caroline Garcia have been using Yonex rackets in recent years.

Which Yonex tennis racquet is best for spin?

YONEX VCORE 98 6th Gen is one of the best YONEX rackets, with excellent spin and control and the ability to top-spin.

Is Yonex Vcore or EZONE better?

Every racket choice has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Ezone series, in particular, has excellent power and spin performance, which beginners and intermediate players appreciate.The Vcore series has great performance for full swing and control, which especially advanced players like.

In contrast, when it comes to one legend rank, Ezone 98 or 100 are superior to Vcore.

Is Yonex Ezone 100 good for beginners?

The Yonex Ezone 100 series is specially recommended for the beginner who likes better control and maneuverability. It allows you to approach the ball and make contact with it using the sweet spot. The racket is an ideal choice for beginners to intermediate players.

Final Verdict:

Firstly, we want to let you know that the Yonex 98 series is the right choice for your game. Yonex is a brand that has made a name for itself in the rackets category. It provides impressive performance, durability, smoothness, and control, which I like about the Yonex 98. Fans love this racket.

Yonex 100 is also an excellent choice for professional players and is recommended for extra bomb performance. Stability and spin are significant features of this racket. The modern technology used in this racket by Yonex enhances its performance and features and changes the gameplay to an advanced level.

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