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Head Ti S6 Review

Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket Review – Comparison B/w Head Ti S5 & Head Ti S2 & Head Ti S1

The head brand has always been famous in the tennis market, so it’s always a wonder for everyone whenever they release a new racket. Whenever I search for the best-selling Head ti s6 tennis racket, I wonder why people love this racket so much. So I decided to review this racket and discover why it is so popular.

We review products based on what is currently selling and what has been proven to be the best feature in the market recently and that professional players also use.

If you plan to buy this racket and need to gain knowledge of the head ti s6 review, let’s learn the basics and advanced features of the racket to understand why we buy this racket and what is considered important.

Based on the specs, features, designs, and models that are currently being used, we reviewed them.

Head Ti S6 Specifications & Feedback:

  • Head size: 115 square inches
  • Weight: 8.9 oz / 252 g
  • Balance: 8 pts Head Heavy (all of the weight coming towards the Head)
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Beam width: 28.5 mm
  • Stiffness: 75 
  • String pattern: 16×19
  • Tension range: 50-60 lbs
  • Grip size: 4 3/8 inches (L3)
  • Material: Titanium/Graphite composite
  • Recommended for: Intermediate to advanced level players looking for power and control.

Customer Feedback of head ti s6 tennis racket:

  • My wife adores this tennis racquet. It’s a lightweight racket with plenty of power and control. I even use it occasionally. Excellent stuff.
  • The ideal gift for my grandson. He adored it. I can’t wait for the snow to melt to utilize it. Very carefully packaged and delivered on time. I hope to locate a racket cover for his birthday to round out the bundle.
  • It’s an excellent racquet with a bigger head that aids novices in gaining confidence early in their learning process. You’ll be ready to go for more aggressive shots immediately, something this racquet does not support owing to the larger mesh size. One can quickly progress to more advanced racquets.
Out of 100% of customers, 80% praise the racket’s power and spin due to its large sweet spot and large head size. These features increase their durability and stability. Customers say its lightweight frame and head-heavy balance make it easy to generate power.
It is rigid and unpleasant to wear. Consumers say the racquet’s head-heavy balance makes control difficult.

Larger Head Size:

Regarding head size, the head Ti s6 tennis racquet review is one of the largest rackets in the market since everything about it is large. One hundred five square inches in size makes this racket ideal for beginners players who want to experience tennis for the first time.

Large Sweet Spot:

Famous players usually say that large heads have a large sweet spot, so even if your shots aren’t perfect, you’ll still feel comfortable hitting them. Further, the large head size of the racket gives you more power, so the head tennis racquet ti s6 is very powerful. 

The titanium tennis racket head helps you easily contact the ball on the court, which you can’t ignore. 

Racket Length:

The tennis racquet TIS6 is slightly longer than other rackets of the same brand, measuring 27.75 inches or 70 cm. This makes it perfect for someone just starting out or recreationally playing tennis. This racket is also known as a 27-inch tennis racket.

Tennis newcomers should consider 3/4 inches when making contact with the ball.

With this length, players can balance power, control, and reach. It is important to consider the length of a racquet when swinging and hitting shots. It’s easier to handle a shorter racquet, but a longer one has a larger sweet spot and a longer reach.

Lightweight Frame: 

Two hundred fifty-five grams of weight makes this racket easier for players, and lighter rackets are always more arm friendly, making you more maneuverable on your shots. As a result of a lighter racquet, shots can be easily generated with more power and spin. Lighter racquets are always recommended for beginners and baseline players who want quick swings.

Head Heavy Balance:

There is also a head-heavy tennis racket, which means all the weight is on the Head. In addition to generating more power and consistency on the court, a head-heavy racket benefits your arm and prevents you from more serious injuries. Players who hit powerful shots and need a racquet with more power can benefit from this.

Testing Setup:

A head titanium ti.s6 strung with Head Synthetic Gut tested at 61 pounds. String tension drops over time so that the string tension could have been lower than 61 pounds.

Synthetic gut strings give the head titanium ti s6 lots of power. Restring rackets with polyester strings instead of synthetic gut. A poly string holds tension better and lasts longer than a synthetic gut string.

Head ti s6 comfort zone:

Rackets with comfort zones are specifically designed to reduce vibrations and shock effects that can harm players’ hands.

It is specially designed for the Flex Zone feature, which helps reduce shock vibration and make the racket more comfortable on the court. We call it the most arm-friendly tennis racquet. There is a Flex Zone area that provides a more flexible armrest.

Hand and arm injuries are reduced with a comfortable grip shape designed with titanium ti.s6. This grip shape provides a natural hand position, so fatigue is reduced during long matches.

  • Affordable racket price
  • Easy to fast swinging
  • Large sweet spot due to their large head size
  • Lots of power and spin potential
  • Lightweight Frame
  • D3O technology (reduce shock and vibration)
  • Arm Friendly 
  • Great Balance
  • Lacks control
  • Not recommended for the advanced players 
  • Little Bit Unstable


As you know, rackets with large head sizes and a blend of power are recommended only for beginner players. When you reach that stage, you can generate more benefits and enhance your skill to the fullest extent. However, when you’re at a stage where you need a beginner or advanced racket, this will adversely affect your game.

You will need an excellent racket for your skills. This racket is an excellent choice for new players. 

Test Results of head ti s6 tennis racket:

Head Titanium Tennis Racket
Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket Review - Comparison B/w Head Ti S5 & Head Ti S2 & Head Ti S1 7

Overall – Score: 82:

A head tennis racket tis6 and their specifications show that the racket’s overall performance is impressive and how their racket improves itself and gains more fame in the market.

There is a wide power range and a sweet spot that makes it easy to use and handle. This racket is specially designed for court surfaces, making it a good choice for baseline or recreational players.

Despite its lightweight design, the racket offers stability for baseline players rather than advanced players. Despite the lack of control, the racket’s price and nice features make it an ideal choice for recreational players and budget-friendly.

You can improve your skills or learning process by stringing the titanium head. Titanium ti.s6 is also an affordable option.

After recovering from arm injuries, I just started playing with this racket, and I was amazed at how much it improved my skills and style. Even if you’re at a low level, consider intermediate tennis rackets if you have a high skill level.

Groundstrokes – Score: 87

When it comes to groundstrokes, the racket is excellent. The lightweight frame of this racket makes it hard to hit on the court, and the large head size makes it easy for you to swing the racket quickly. The string pattern was very effective in spin and helped you generate more spin.

Despite its lack of feel and balance, you can easily add your topspin and slice to their shores using this racket.

As a baseline player, you can use power and spin to push back all opponents.

Volleys – Score: 83

The head ti.s6 tennis racquet was a winner at the net. It worked well for me. Thanks to their strength, serving and serving volleyball were a breeze. This racket could be maneuvered with ease despite its top-heavy construction.

With its light construction and extra length, it proved to be manageable. This racket was well-balanced and responsive, making it suitable for blocking volleys and keeping up with fast exchanges at the net.

To have a sizable sweet spot and swiftly switch grips was a wonderful experience.

The racket’s lack of manipulation made it tough to direct the ball during volleys. I would also like the racket to have more weight for stability in the net.

This is the very first time you’ve ever touched a game. If your opponent is also skilled, his play level will be fine.

Serves – Score: 85

The racquet’s light frame and head-heavy balance enhance the serving experience. The balance allows players to serve harder while still maintaining control. The Innegra technology enhances the racquet’s stability, power, and control while reducing torsional twisting.

The player’s technique, skill, and style determine how well the racquet performs when they serve. Some players may benefit from the head tis6 tennis racket, but others may not. It is best to try out racquets before you buy them.

Returns – Score: 80

The racket’s lack of manipulation made it tough to direct the ball during volleys. I would also like the racket to have more weight for stability in the net.

Although not the worst, the Head Ti S6 tennis racket return lacked control. Whenever a full, powerful serve was delivered, I often lost points. As a result of instability, returns were also difficult.

At the beginner level, I have experimented with many rackets, but the head ti tennis racquet services are exceptional and noticeable to all players. If your opponent is a beginner, you should only use this racket this way. Otherwise, it will give you a worse outcome.  

Used Of Advanced Technology In Head Titanium Ti S6:

Head Titanium Ti.s6 Strung
Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket Review - Comparison B/w Head Ti S5 & Head Ti S2 & Head Ti S1 8

With a lightweight frame and head-heavy balance, the head tis6 tennis racquet increases its power and spin on the court. Our discussion focused on the technology that made this racket more efficient than ever before.

Despite its lightweight version, the head titanium tennis rackets give you a significant advantage in durability and playability.

Graphite and titanium:

This racket is made of graphite and titanium, making it lightweight and durable for recreational players. The technology in racquet shafts provides a blend of power spin and head graphene. Despite its limitations, this technology has also increased accuracy.

Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP):

An advanced string pattern technology called Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP) allows tennis players to customize the string pattern of their racquets. Players may perform better and enjoy the experience more if this is implemented.

D3O technology:

With D3O technology, you can reduce vibration, make it arm-friendly, and prevent elbow injuries. In this way, the risk of injury can be reduced, and the comfort level can be enhanced.

As the racquet’s design incorporates Innegra technology, it becomes stronger and more resistant to twisting. Shots may be more accurate and powerful.

Different Models Of head ti s6 tennis racket and Comparison:

A player with advanced skills, playing style, and playability may want to take a closer look at another model of Head. For beginners, recreational players, and baseline players only, a review of the Head Ti S6 racket is offered. This one comes under $100, a great value for budget-conscious players compared to other rackets.

This racket, design, and model are competitively priced on the market. This article will compare the other racket with the Head Ti.S6. After discussing the features of the Head Ti.S6, let’s look at the Head Ti.S5, Head Ti.S2, and Head Ti.S1

For Beginners

Head Ti S6 Review

Head Ti S5


  • Even at 107 square inches, it’s large. Therefore, it is less powerful than Head Ti S6
  • Suitable for beginners and low intermediate players.
  • It has a thinner beam width to make manoeuvring easier.

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For Advanced

Head Ti.s6 Tennis Racquet Reviews
Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket Review - Comparison B/w Head Ti S5 & Head Ti S2 & Head Ti S1 9

Head Ti S2


  • It provides better control and stability than Head Ti S6.
  • A stiffer racket with a lower balance point than the first.
  • A stiffer racket with a lower balance point than the first.
  • The head size of this tennis racquet is 102 square inches

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For Intermediate

Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket

Head Ti S1


  • If you are an intermediate player, the Head Ti S1 is best.
  • This racquet generates a lot of spin in addition to power and control.
  • In addition, it is heavier to provide greater control and stability.

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The campaign for these rackets has come to an end. Let’s discuss which one is best for you based on your skills.

A good racket for beginners is the Head Ti S5, which is more comparable to the Head Ti S6 in terms of features and specifications.

In addition, Head Ti S2 is smaller in head size and is best for intermediate players or more advanced players because of its better control than other versions of Head Titanium.

The Head Ti S1 is the best option for beginners and intermediate players. 

Final Thoughts:

 Initially, I could not believe my eyes when this racket gave me excellent performance with a lightweight frame. On the court, all of the features I displayed were truly felt. 

The Head Ti S6 is an excellent racket for beginning tennis players. The company understood what it was doing when it designed a tremendous quantity of power.

For many tennis players, Head has been a preferred racket brand. In addition to their performance, their rackets feature innovative technologies that have helped players improve their skills. Among the most popular Head Titanium Ti S6 models, players at all levels, from beginners to professionals, have used it.


What is the recommended string tension for the Head Ti S6?

There should be a string tension between 48 and 52 pounds or 21 and 23 kilograms when stringing the Head Ti S6.

How does the Head Ti S6 compare to other Head racquets?

In addition to Graphene 360+, it features a fan pattern that provides power and control.

Is the Head Ti S6 suitable for both recreational and professional players?

No, It’s only recommended for recreational players with no power skills to generate power.

What is the ideal skill level for the Head Ti S6?

The ideal skill level of Head Ti S6 is best for beginners who want it at a recreational level.

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