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How To Measure Tennis Racket Grip Size?

How To Measure Tennis Racket Grip Size | Racket Size Chart

How To Measure Tennis Racket Grip Size? Measuring the grip size of a tennis racket is not as complicated as we assume because everyone can efficiently perform this task. Tennis players should be aware of all the racket customization processes. Mostly it happens that the players focus on their sessions, training, and practice.

Moreover, beginners are interested in customization and want to learn many things. Experts services are required at the beginning that helps to fix the issues. But after some time with tennis, everyone should learn to measure a tennis racket’s grip size, restring, shock absorber installation, etc.

So, if you are looking for How To Determine Grip Size For Tennis Rackets and want to learn the most straightforward method, then you are lucky because here you will get the fastest, most simple, and most effective way to determine the grip size of your tennis racket for kids.

Key takeaways:

When determining your tennis racket grip size, avoid these common mistakes:

Inconvenience and even injury might result from selecting a grip size that is too small or big for your hand.
Try to experiment with several grip sizes to see which one best fits your hand and playing style.
ignoring how important grip size is and how it affects your performance as a whole.

How To Measure Tennis Racket Grip Size?

How To Measure Tennis Racket Grip Size?
 To determine the grip size of a tennis racket, you can use a ruler and measure your hand size. According to your hand’s length, you can go to the chart and find the perfect grip size for your new tennis racket. 

Before selecting an intermediate tennis racket, the grip size is always on top of the list, and you must determine it quickly. If you have no idea how to choose the grip size of your tennis racket, then you have to follow several steps. These are as follows:

Remember the Current Size Of Your Tennis Racket:

Remember that a specific number is at the bottom of the tennis racket, ranging from 0 to 5. These are the numbers that show the grip size of your desired noise. But in the United States, the grip size numbers are only offered in inches, but in other countries, it will be shown in numbers.

Also, for your convenience, we give a detailed conversion table through which you can easily choose your grip number! Make sure that you only stick with your current grip size number. Otherwise, it can make it difficult for you to adjust the grip on your hand.

(0)4 inches
(1)Four ⅛ inches
(2)Four ¼ inches
(3)Four ⅜ inches
(4)4 ½ inches
(5)5 inches

Handshake Grip:

It is the primary thing you need to do to get a better grip size tennis racket. Grab the handle of the tennis racket in such a way that your pointer finger knuckle with the top right angle.

Proper check whether your fingers are touching your hand or not:

The tennis racket’s better grip size ensures much space between your fingers and your hands. When you take this step correctly, you will surely get a better grip size on your tennis racket, which you will enjoy during the game. Also, if your fingers are touched all around the handle and get back to your hand, you must focus on a larger grip.

How to increase tennis racket grip size:

First, you must figure out how big your tennis racket’s grip is. Using a ruler or measuring tape is the best way to do this. Once you have the measurements, you can decide how much larger you want the grip.

There are a few different ways to increase the size of your tennis racket’s grip.

  • One way is to use an adhesive grip. These can be found at most sporting goods stores.
  • Another way is to use a tennis racket grip size increase kit. These kits come with everything you need to increase the size of your racket’s grip.

Once you have increased the size of your tennis racket’s grip, you must re-string the racket. This is because the new grip will be larger than the old one and will not fit into the old stringing pattern.

What Is The Importance Of Grip Size?

To play tennis like professional players, every tennis lover should focus on grip size. In simple words, the perfect grip size helps to;

  • Hold or handle the tennis racket during the session.
  • Moreover, the ideal grip size maintains stability.
  • The ideal grip size makes better performance during the session.
  • Also, it reduces the chances of hand or arm injury.
  • Moreover, it helps to control your racket.
  • Enables the players to improve exercise.
  • It also helps to utilize your pro skills.

What are the Consequences of incorrect grip size?

Tennis grip discomfort

  • The wrong or incorrect grip size may be dangerous for your hand and arm. Because it will not provide grip and stability, the players suffer some severe injuries during the session.
  • Similarly, if the hold is too big, the slips and twists, and the chances of the tennis racket may increase.
  • The incorrect grip size may affect the performance because it creates difficulties during the shots.
  • The player can suffer strained forearm just because of wrong grip size.
  • A severe injury of the hand, wrist, and muscles could directly affect the movement during the shots/sessions.
  • Similarly, the smaller grip size is difficult to hold, and you cannot move your tennis racket during practice.
  • The player should have to force their fingers to hold the tennis rack with one hand during shots. Because it is hard to handle the 9.8 to 10.9 ounces tennis racket.

Tennis Racket Grip Size Chart:

The experts know the perfect grip size of a tennis racket, and they have many simple ways to measure the grip size of their tennis racket. This is especially for you if you don’t know the perfect tennis racket size.

A tennis racket’s most common grip size is size 3 or 4 3/8, considered the perfect size for practice or final sessions. There are categories of grip sizes for tennis rackets, in which women mostly choose the tennis racket with 1, 2, or 3 grip sizes. The men always select 3, 4, or 5 grip sizes for a better experience. It is because the size of the grip depends on the size of your hand.

AgeHeightRacket Size In InchesRacket Size In Centimeters
4 Years or Younger40 inches or less19 inches48.3 cm
4-5 Years40-44 inches21 inches53.3 cm
6-8 Years45-49 inches23 inches58.4 cm
9-10 Years50-55 inches25 inches63.5 cm
10 Years or Older55 + inches26 inches66.0 cm

Tennis Racket Grip Size Chart In The US And Europe:

European Tennis Racket’s Grip SizeUS Tennis Racket’s Grip Size

What Size Tennis Racket Grip Do I Need?

The tennis racket grip size depends on your age and hand size. For instance, if you are a child, there is a separate category for choosing the perfect tennis racket with an extraordinary grip size. 

But if you are considered a teenager or young, there is another category for you. Hence, you can use the following chart to select the perfect tennis racket grip size.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Grip Size

Grip Size (Inches)Grip Size (Millimeters)Racket Size
41004 1/8
4 1/41054 1/4
4 3/81104 3/8
4 1/21154 1/2
4 5/81204 5/8

Consult a Professional: Speak to a tennis coach or expert who can evaluate your grip and suggest the best size for your hand and playing style.

Test Various Sizes: Before settling on a final choice, try out various grip sizes. Borrow rackets from friends or go to a tennis-specific store to get a feel for different grip sizes.

Think about long-term comfort. Although a grip size may seem comfortable at first, make sure it stays that way for prolonged gameplay sessions to prevent pain or injury.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if my grip size is too small?

If your grip size is too small, you will likely feel pain in your pinky finger and ring finger when you swing the racket. In addition, a grip that is too small will limit your ability to generate power and spin on your shots.

How do I measure my tennis grip size?

The easiest way to measure your grip size is to take a ruler and measure the distance from the bottom of your palm to the top of your middle finger.

How much does it cost to replace a tennis racket grip?

The cost of replacing a tennis racket grip will vary depending on the type of grip you choose and where you have it done. Expect to pay anywhere from $10-$30 for a new grip.

Can I use an overgrip to adjust the grip size?

Applying an overgrip will make the handle thicker, making the grip larger.

What is the standard grip size for tennis rackets?

Tennis racket grip sizes are normally between 4 1/8 and 4 5/8 inches long.

How often should I replace my tennis racket grip?

Anytime your tennis racket grip starts to tear, lose its tackiness, or become worn out, it is advised to replace it.

Can I play with a grip size that feels slightly small or big?

Your comfort and performance may be impacted if your grip size is small or large. For the best control, pick a grip size that feels just right.

Should I consult a professional when selecting a grip size?

When choosing the best grip size for your hand and playing style, consulting a tennis coach or expert may be helpful.


You can easily measure the grip size of your tennis racket because it is straightforward, and the complete method is provided in the above section. Several charts are also included to enhance your knowledge, which will help you choose the best grip-size tennis racket.

Always remember that you can select a racket without determining its grip size. Because incorrect grip size will create several issues and will never improve, enhance, or boost your skills in the tennis match.

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