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What Does It Mean to Break Serve in Tennis | Tips to Improve Serve

Break Serve In tennis

When a server loses a game in tennis, it is considered that her opponent has “broken” her serve, in tennis terms. In other words, you have a breakpoint whenever you are one point away from winning a game while your opponent is serving. In a game of deuce, a breakpoint occurs when the score is … Read more

What Is The Average Tennis Players Height | Are Tennis Players Tall?

tennis players height

The tennis game has changed in the modern era, as has the shape of the tennis racket, the tennis rules, new serves, volleys, and returns techniques, and everything has reached a high level. Therefore, everyone must be aware of tennis players’ height. Women are generally smaller than men, but their average height is still less … Read more

What Are The Techniques To Swing A Tennis Racket?

how to swing a tennis racket

Tennis is trendy, and millions of tennis fans love to play tennis like professional players. But it is not as easy as we think because there are some tricks to handling the tennis racket. Similarly, many points are included, like how to grip a tennis racket. How to rest a tennis racket, wrap it, put … Read more

How Long Does a Tennis Racket Last | Do Racquets Wear Out?

How Long Does a Tennis Racket Last

The efficiency of a tennis racket depends on its use because powerful shots damage a tennis racket and you can change it as soon as possible. This step is necessary for professional tennis players who deal with powerful shots during the sessions. Because their tennis racket hits more of the shots during practice and official … Read more

How Much Does Tennis Racket Cost? (Tennis Racket Price Guide)

How much do a tennis racket cost

In most stores, tennis rackets cost around 230 dollars, which players use when battling on the court. Our rackets have enhanced functionality with more features and sizes specifically designed for advanced players. The price range will be the same for Roger Federer and Nadal rackets, but if you want another type, I can explore more … Read more

How To Properly Clean & Care For Your Tennis Rackets

How do you properly clean a tennis racket?

As a good tennis player, you also take good care of and love your tennis racket, because anything that contributes to your success in life is something you care about and love. There are some people that would like their tennis racket to stay as useful as possible for a long time and then you … Read more