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Where to Put Shock Absorber on Tennis Racket?

Tennis players are familiar with the customization of tennis rackets. Because customization requires the racket to make it sturdy, useful and boosts stability. To make your tennis racket more powerful and enhance its stability of it, you can use several items. 

Such as lead, tungsten tape, shock absorbers, vibration dampeners, and modifying stringing (Kevlar, Natural Gut, etc. Beginners want to know why and where to put a shock absorber on the tennis racket. If you are also a new tennis player and you have no idea about its customization, you should learn quickly how to choose a tennis racket.

Because the customized tennis racket will help you to improve your performance. Before moving to the actual discussion, we should discuss why a shock absorber is needed and what are the benefits of it.

Where To Put Vibration Dampener On Tennis Racket?

But if you want to put a dampener on your tennis racket without any help, you should learn some important points. These are as follows:

Examine Your Racket:

First of all, you have to examine your tennis racket and see the string pattern. Because without any knowledge about your tennis racket, you cannot install a vibration dampener. 

Exact Location:

 You can place the vibration dampener above the highest string and below the lowest string. But you can put a dampener before the cross strings

Examine The Dampener:

Now you can examine the vibration dampener to see how to attach it to your tennis racket. Because some vibration dampener comes with a slit and some are with hooks. The dampener with a slit is easy to rest among two strings. Similarly, you can easily weave the dampener that comes with hooks.

Find Two Center Strings:

So, it’s time to find the two center strings where you can place the vibration dampener. 

What Does Shock Absorber Do?

What is the main purpose of a shock absorber or dampener?

A shock absorber or dampener is a small device that is usually used to increase traction and control. A shock absorber can be placed in the strings of tennis to absorb the vibration. Moreover, the shock absorber is a wonderful device that quickly absorbs and eliminates the shock when you hit the ball with your head tennis racket

What is the main purpose of a shock absorber or dampener?

The dampener is specially designed to reduce vibrations during the session. It works like magic and the vibration doesn’t affect your performance during the session. Moreover, it enhances the grace, looks, and style of a tennis racket. Hence, the shock absorber is used to enjoy stability and is perfect for all tennis players.

What is the material of the dampener?

The dampeners are made with high-quality silicon. There are basically two types of vibration dampeners or absorbers such as buttons and worms. These dampeners are made with various types of silicon such as gel-filled silicon, foam, solid silicone, flexible PVC, etc. 

All types are used to make a sturdy, valuable, and fantastic dampener for a tennis racket. That’s why the dampener is soft, tear-resistant, tough, and considered long-lasting. That’s why the professional tennis racket performs well and never disappoints players.

The worm dampeners are perfect they come with a more substantial impact and on reduce the sound of your strings whilst hitting.

Does Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener Work?

It is worth trying them because you will surely enjoy your game with them. Keep in mind that there is not any conclusive evidence that shows that vibration dampener in tennis racket reduces the overall effects, improves your game, or can help your strokes. 

Basically, a vibration dampener is a procedure that alters the sound of the rackets when they hit or strikes the ball. When a dampener is on the racket, the sound you will get when the racket strikes the ball will provide solid and defined sounds which you will surely enjoy.

How To Install Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener?

You can easily install the tennis racket at home. But obviously, beginners can’t do it by themselves, so they can go to the experts/professionals. 

Install Dampener On Your Racket:

Where to Put Shock Absorber on Tennis Racket?

Here is the next-level strategy that occurred itself, and you can easily install a vibration dampener after reading some points.

  • First of all, you will find the Middle East areas of tennis strings at the bottom. As you can see in the above image, the middle area is between 6 and 7.
  • See the dampener slots that are coming to the strings.
  • Put more pressure on the dampener, keep it on the main strings, and put some pressure on it.
  • At this stage, after putting the dampener on one main string, you will put some more pressure on the other direction of the string, which will help you fix the dampener on both strings.
  • In the end, you can see your vibration dampener is almost installed on the strings, which cross the bottom of the strings.

Check The Pressure-Volume:

Before putting the dampener on your tennis racket, you have to

  • Check the pressure-volume between two center strings.
  • Hence, you can gently move these strings apart and note how much will be needed.

It is just because of dampeners’ various types like soft foam that don’t require much effort. Whereas, a harder rubber-made dampener requires two hands to apply if your racket’s strings are tight.

Effectiveness Of Vibration Dampener on Tennis Racket:

Vibration Dampener on Tennis Racket:

As we know that a dampener or shock absorber eliminates vibration and provides the stability. Tennis players also believe that a dampener is necessary for a Beginner Tennis Racket. Because it prevents the vibration from traveling to their arm. 

The vibration may cause arm or hand injuries, so the use of a shock absorber helps to prevent this. So, use Arm-Friendly tennis rackets. But experts do not agree with this statement. According to tennis players, it is a very effective and wonderful device.

What Is The Fact About Dampener?

The fact is, a dampener or shock absorber does nothing for your arm or elbow. The dampeners or shock absorbers are effective devices to change the sound when the ball contacts the tennis racket strings. Professionals and researchers also say that there is no medical reason behind the use of dampeners in your racket strings.

What Do Rules Say?

The rules of tennis allow all players to put shock absorbers or dampeners to enhance stability. Also, it is very important to put the vibration dampener in the right position as the experts suggested.

Make sure that the vibration absorber is above the top cross strings or it should be the below bottom cross string. The rules never allowed placing of this device where can touch the interior portion of the strings.


The dampener is used to reduce the vibration of the racket during the session. Putting the shock absorber or dampener on your tennis racket is not a difficult task. 

All the process is simple and you can easily perform them. But you should focus on the main points before installation of the dampener on your racket. The rules, facts, and installation steps are also explained in the above section.

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