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Approach Shot In Tennis

Approach Shot In Tennis | Determine, Problems, Footwork & Kinds

If you are new to tennis, there are many things to learn to get the highest quality playing experience. When it comes to tennis, several terms are hidden behind your thoughts. A few examples would serve technique, backend, forehand, top spin, western forehand, backspin, approach shot in tennis, semi-western grip, drop shot in tennis, and slice.

In today’s lesson, we’ll learn how to approach shots in tennis. Because the game is new to you, the development will progress slowly since you don’t know what you’ll do and where you’re going

The basic terms are listed there, so you can also access these terms with just one click. You can learn the most effective ways to approach a shot, backhand, forehand, slice, top spin, semi-western grip, etc., by reading the definitions and techniques below.

To be a successful player, you should know all of these terms. A more comprehensive explanation can be found here: Tennis approach shots.

Determine Of the Approach Shot:

Approach Shot In Tennis
Approach Shot In Tennis | Determine, Problems, Footwork & Kinds 3

Shortly approach is a stroke played at that particular time when the player comes to the net and hits the ball approaching the net. 

An approach shot in tennis allows the player to change the baseline to the net and hit the ball with a backhand and forehand-called approach shot. 

An approaching shot happens when the play comes near the net and hits the ball in an offensive way to the opponent to get a point. 

In approach shots, opponents sometimes hit a short ball to force the receiver forward. In many cases, taking the net makes sense.

Different kinds Of Approach Shots:


A sliced approach shot flies over the net immediately after the ball lands. Often when players hit the ball, they could slide. This happens when the player has less time to reach the shot, and they play the shot with sliding. The meaning of sliding a balance maneuver and balancing the player’s level after hitting the chasing shot. 

Tennis Flat Shot:

Secondly, there is a lot of power involved in this point. In most cases, players score points with balanced approach shots.

Top Spin:

Tennis balls rotate forward when they are in a topspin. In most cases, topspin makes the ball bounce higher, which increases the likelihood it will stay within the lines. Backspin and sidespin are different from each other. 

Importance of an approach shot To Winning Points

In the old days, players used to come to the net and turn their shoulders back to hit the shot with more power. This technique has been used to finish games earlier by players so far. I think the audience considers it a golden point which we say approach shot.
Reaching the targeted points of the ball is very easy. There’s less time for our opponent to reach the ball and hit it. It is for this reason that approach shots are important. It is very important to play an approach shot when you play volleys, overheads, and groundstrokes shots well..
Several times, I have observed players stopping coming near the net after making a big error about approach shots. I think you need to find the right time and the right place to play the approach shot (this strategy or approach shot never lose your hopes). After that, they thought the key to success was to play long rallies and baseline games, but this is not the case. Putting their opponent first to create opportunities is always their goal..

How to Hit Approach Shots:

Topspin forehand:

The lead foot should point towards the ball, with the arms and shoulders turned backward. It is important to take the lead when striking the ball and that the distance between the body and the object is sufficient. The elbow should bend slightly when striking the ball. This way, heavy top spins, which are bouncy and keep the opponent away from the baseline, will be produced. 


Hold the racket tightly with both hands, keep the second hand down opposite the first, and turn your shoulders backward. As a result, the weight of the shoulder and hip shifts towards the ball. The work you do will help you earn points. Their heads are fired flat, powerfully from their centers. Make sure both hands are involved.

Case of Approach Shot in a Game of Tennis:

  • A player who does not have a lot of experience on the court may play the approach shot and put you down on the court.
  • Because my son doesn’t work enough on approach shots, his opponent pushes back to defense and wins the game.

Factors for the Approach Shot:

An approach shot is an offensive shot that allows the player to end the game and come near the net to gain a point. 

Mostly approach shots happened when the player received the shot ball close to the served ball, then baseline means near the net. You can volley it away if you hit a short ball high, causing your opponent to make a defensive shot.

After some games, most players try to tire their opponents and want to win after they hit the approach shot to win the game.

Problems you encounter during the approach shot:

Are Approach Shots Too Early?

It is usually better to hit that short where your opponent succeeded in gaining a point on you. As you want to finish the game within one hour, you’re approaching the shot on the net too soon. The downside is that your opponent can start playing with ground strokes, volleys, or topspin, which can put your game at risk. 

I think you should approach shots on the net in the middle of the game or when you can. You may not be able to transition to the net quickly. Your opponent could easily pass you.

 Is it better to close too close to the net?

Yes, if you are an experienced or a good player, it is better to use a close-to-the-net strategy of tennis that helps you gain an advantage over your opponent. If you are a junior player, it usually has a bad reputation to play close to the net because you give your opponent the most room or opportunities. Balance is key, so Move closer, or you’ll get a passing shot.

What is the best place to hit an approach shot in tennis?

I recommend hitting the approach shot in tennis at a location where your opponent can never reach you. Make your opponent lose the defended way by hitting the approach shot at specific angles. 

You can also try to remember your opponent’s defense if you don’t wish to choose that option.

Does Lack Approach Lead To Loss?

Because of a lack of belief and confidence, you may occasionally hit the ball in the wrong direction and lose the point rather than win it. If your ball crosses the line, you lose the end. Approaching too early is not a good idea. A perfect ball will allow you to play aggressively.

How to approach the shot in tennis: footwork

Split Step:

As far as approach shots in tennis are concerned, they are the most famous and interesting shots. These shots are very well-known and are loved by most people. To approach a shot, one must start with his feet. To play this shot, you have to be confident, cleave your step to make contact with the ground, and know where the ball is.

Ensure the Proper Spacing

 When you realize where the ball has gone and turn to play an approach shot, you may slip or cause an injury to yourself. As soon as you reach near the ball, you make a strategy of tennis to hit it with your forehand and backhand and maintain distance between yourself and the ball.

Pro Tip: How to improve approach shots

When players run into the ball, their shoulders lift. Shuffle around and away from the ball as soon as you’re ready. You’ll need to take several small steps to get the right distance.

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