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Best Tennis Racket Under $50

Best Tennis Racket Under $50 (2023) : Cheap & Affordable

To play good tennis, you need a racket that is affordable and of good quality. It is, however, not uncommon for good rackets to become expensive based on your needs. Tennis rackets are not that expensive if you are new to tennis. Get tennis rackets for under $50 if you are new to tennis. Below are the best rackets that solve your problem and are under $50 to $100.

We will review rackets here that are suitable for recreational players and court players just starting out. All the rackets are cheap good tennis rackets.

Some people like the best tennis racket, which is expensive, but some affordable tennis rackets have all features like Top spin, durability, existing frame, etc. If you are looking for an affordable tennis racket, here is our full guide about this topic (Best cheap tennis racket). A person will not need to have any complaints after buying these rackets.

Cheap Tennis Racket:

People who believe tennis equipment is unnecessary for changing your playstyle are mistaken. Instead of football, volleyball, or baseball, I believe you need a tennis racket, ball, and shoes to improve your fitness and strengthen your muscles. Of course, you know that the cost of playing this game will increase and impact your budget.

People always notice that beginner and advanced-level equipment in any game increases player interest. Beginner-level players require entry-level equipment, while upper-level players prefer advanced-level equipment. So far, the best tennis players can also learn to use beginner-level rackets.

Here is the important question which is generally asked by people ” Can we compete for cheap tennis rackets with expensive tennis rackets.” Not because the affordable tennis rackets must improve your skills and help you at a fundamental level.

All the tennis rackets reviewed are under $50, making them ideal for improving your beginner tennis skills. Purchasing a tennis racket in all the rackets that are best for your kids and beginner players is not difficult for you.

You may have difficulty finding the best cheap tennis rackets for you the first time you play, but once you’ve mastered the game, you can collect all the tennis equipment you use daily for yourself and your children. You can begin with low-cost rackets to gain experience and progress to the next level.

In my view, professional players benefit the most from beginner rackets since they can readily understand them and have spent more time with them. The focus of a tennis game is on quality rather than quantity. The racket and string quality should be good. All of the best performance and skills may be obtained with inexpensive rackets.

Research Methodology for Best Cheap Tennis Rackets:

Here are the research methodologies for the best tennis rackets under $50. The following methodologies will help you buy the best cheap tennis racket.

In our criteria, we have defined our best methodologies to consider performance, durability, customer reviews, brand reputation, and value for money.

After researching the rackets under $50 and which models exist for a particular range, we considered these.

And gather information about quality and performance from experts and insights from previous customers.

Ld lastly, the most important methodology is that we have gathered customer feedback from different e-commerce-based stores and online retailers that work best and collected the best reviews about playability and performance, and then I have selected these.

Where To Buy Cheap Tennis Rackets:

That is an amazing moment and the finest opportunity to get the best affordable tennis racket with the best features and performance. You must purchase a tennis racket from an internet retailer and affiliate website that rates the greatest products and deepens your product knowledge.

These are the top tennis racket retailers, in my opinion, because they are dependable and provide refunds. We must consider these shops to get the best tennis racket at a reasonable price.

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Bestbuy

Benefits of Budget Tennis Rackets:

For tennis players who don’t want to spend much money on equipment, budget tennis rackets are a cost-effective choice. They give athletes a cost-effective option to participate in the sport without going over budget.

With affordable rackets, tennis players may spend money on additional needs like shoes, balls, or instruction.

For those just beginning their tennis careers, inexpensive tennis rackets are great.
They offer a way to get started in the sport without requiring a large cost engagement.
Budget rackets can also help recreational players who play lightly or irregularly since they meet their fundamental playing requirements.

Budget tennis rackets can have a variety of advanced characteristics despite their low price.
By merging technology and design features seen in higher-end rackets, manufacturers try to provide value to players on a tight budget.

Players may buy inexpensive rackets with light frames, vibration dampening, better grips, and increased power and control.

The Reliable Brands For Cheap Tennis Rackets:

The top tennis racket producers invite players to purchase their top-quality tennis gear. These brands are well known for their excellent products and deeds. Top spin, arm-friendly rackets, lightweight rackets, graphite frames, holding grips, and reduced vibration dampeners are some of the high-quality features these brands offer.

Budget is unimportant; how you select the best racket for your game matters. Here is a list of the top tennis racket manufacturers to help you improve.

  • Head
  • Wilson
  • Babolat
  • Prince

These brands offer all rackets for all types of players. The pro rackets are available on these brands.

Age Considers:

The best way to take an adult’s age considered when purchasing a tennis racket is to match their hand size with the grip of the racket and assess how strong their arm is. How, exactly, can they hold it so perfectly? Junior players more frequently use smaller rackets. They use heavier rackets with more flexible string tensions as they get older.

If the rackets hit your body, arm, hand, or elbow, your age consideration may differ from that of younger players if you are older.

In that situation, you select lightweight and arm-friendly tennis rackets when everything involved affects your body.

Head Radical Jr Tennis Racquet:

Best Tennis Racket Under 50
Best Tennis Racket Under $50 (2023) : Cheap & Affordable 11

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It is critical. Tennis racket strokes pained her for days. Lightweight rackets have helped. Juniors can reach rackets. Adult rackets have comparable lengths. It swings effortlessly.

Head Radical Jr Tennis Racquet Rating

This product’s high consumer rating is due to its ease of use, low cost, and durability. The higher percentile score shows that the products are great, and the ITF has approved the more senior players recommended.

The ASIN rating by Consumer Reports:

Overall Ease of Use:5 stars
Securing the Player:3 stars
Evaluation of Instruction:5 stars
Best Cheap Product5 stars
Consumer Rating4.7 Star
Best Sellers Rank5 star

The best side racket is made of graphite and aluminum, which makes it lighter, more comfortable, and capable of producing more power with wide margins of error. 

Summary of Head Radical Jr Tennis Racquet


The great racket has frames made of graphite and aluminum. The graphite frame makes the racket stronger and more durable. The aluminum frame makes this racket lighter, which is better for beginners because it gives them more control and potential.

What style to play?

The racket comes with a double offer if we buy Wilson’s adult recreational tennis racket with this racket; they offer both at a lower price. The head players recommended this racket for all levels of players who have experience in tennis.

Oversized Head:

Beginners and kids alike will enjoy using this racket. So far, my wife has taken this racket very seriously. Its headlight feature reduces vibration dampening, and the oversized head gives a large sweet spot after a long period of hitting on the court.

SizeThe racket head size is 105in
WeightThe weight of this racket is 245 g
LengthThe length is 26 inches
  • Super lightweight 
  • Thin wrist
  • Easy to swing.
  • For beginners
  • Bouncy.

Product Verdict:

The racket head size is oversized with a lightweight feature that comes with the pre-strung functionality. This racket is an ideal choice for adults who are serious about the game. The racket is the best budget tennis racket and has high-quality features.

WILSON Adult Recreational: best cheap tennis rackets

Wilson Adult Recreational Cheap Tennis Rackets
Best Tennis Racket Under $50 (2023) : Cheap & Affordable 12

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The black, white, and green tennis racket, which is under $50, is the best considering it’s for beginner players. The racket has hammer power technology, which makes it more stable and increases its power.

After hitting hard and playing for a long time, I feel more power in the strings. If you have a little bit of experience in tennis, the racket makes your game the best.

Head The racket head size is 110 square inches
ComesPre-strung functionality
WeightThe weight of this racket is 290 grams
LengthThe length of this racket is 27inches

WILSON Adult Recreational Features Rating

The Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket is in our top percentile at Get Tennis Bar because of the dependability of the customer rating data. Consumers note some amazing qualities, such as how simple they are to operate and how the strings have more power. The overall grade reveals that this racket is straightforward to use.

Get Tennis Bar testing found that while the Wilson recreational adult tennis racket fulfills the ASIN criteria, it delivers a significant mistake margin for inexperienced players. It’s easy to use and quite pleasant for new players, owing to its lightweight manufacture.

The ASIN rating by Consumer Reports:

Overall Ease of Use:5 stars
Securing the Player:3 stars
Evaluation of Instruction:4 stars
Best Cheap Product5 stars
Consumer Rating4.7 Star

The ATF shows that this product is not recommended for professional players.

It’s equipped with graphite and carbon fiber, which make the product reliable and easy to use.

Summary of WILSON Adult Recreational

Hammer Power:

The hammer technology makes this racket have a large sweet spot, which helps you build more power that creates more forgiveness. After long hours of play, the perimeter weighting frame makes this racket more stable. 

Oversized Head:

The racket is famous for the name of oversized head, which often beginner or kids players use, which is a learned process. The large head size helps to generate more spin and potential. The lighter frame is more comfortable for use. 

Head-Heavy Balance:

The open string pattern has great functionality to give more power to powerful shots. The racket falls into the category of head-heavy balance that helps you create easy maneuverability and feels light.

  • Nice feel
  • Super lightweight
  • Stiff frame
  • Comfortable grip
  • Not suited for hard-hitting.

Product Verdict:

The racket is well-constructed and has a nice feel, plus it comes pre-strung, which is perfect for beginners. It is easy to maneuver because of its lightweight design. Our best pick racket is recommended for kids at the beginner level. A racket with an oversized head has a higher spin potential.

HEAD Speed Kids: Tennis Racket Under 50

Best Cheap Tennis Racket
Best Tennis Racket Under $50 (2023) : Cheap & Affordable 13

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Among children’s rackets, this is the best. Kids love playing with it, so the white grip quickly gets dirty. To correct this, he can be given a grip. It is also one of the best rackets I have ever used.

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet Rating

This racket has received a perfect score of 50  from consumers, indicating it offers the best features at a reasonable price. All consumer segments agreed it was a great buy due to its low price, high comfort level, and exceptional durability.

The Head Brand put it through many tests and found that it worked well and was easy to use, light, and comfortable. 

The ASIN rating by Consumer Reports:

Overall Ease of Use:5 stars
Securing the Player:4 stars
Evaluation of Instruction:4 stars
Best Cheap Product5 stars
Consumer Rating4.7 Star
Best Sellers Rank5 star

The racket comprises composite and carbon materials, providing high error margins, a great feel, and increased control.

According to most customers, the best features are ease of use and comfort.

Summary of HEAD Speed Kids


A lightweight aluminum frame makes the head kid’s tennis racket more stable in all conditions. Lighter rackets, such as this one, characterize our list of tennis rackets under $50.


Because of its lightweight, this racket is also popular among children aged three to four. The well-constructed frame and composite durability allow this racket to be played for a long time, even if your kids grow into adults.

Bumper Guard:

The bumper guard covering the racket head protects it from unnecessary hits, which are common among kids. The headlights are balanced. The racquet vibrates less.


HeadThe racket head size is 107 inches
WeightThe weight of this racket is  170g
LengthThe length is 19 inches
With pre-strung functionality
  • More durable
  • The comfort level is full 
  • Affordable
  • Only for beginners

Product Verdict:

This is a great choice for kids or beginners. The lighter and more stable version is suitable for recreational, not competitive play. The quality and budget of this racket made me recommend it. After playing with this racket, I hope you will consider it seriously.

HEAD Ti. Instinct Comp: tennis racket best value

Best Tennis Racquet Under $50
Best Tennis Racket Under $50 (2023) : Cheap & Affordable 14

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Due to the rain, since the snow melted, I have not tested the racket. Make sure it is well handled. The item was purchased for my daughter, who is 5.7 years old, and still in need of strength. It is wonderful. Despite its size, it is easy to manipulate.

HEAD Ti. Instinct Comp Tennis Racket Rating:

After using it, thirty satisfied customers have given the Head Comp Tennis Racket a perfect score. Not only is it lighter and more robust, but it also dampens vibrations and takes the edge off of impacts.

ASIN thinks you’ll like this product because of its improved features, sturdy construction, and consistent performance across all game types. According to reviews, this is the top-rated tennis racket for women:

The ASIN rating by Consumer Reports:

Overall Ease of Use:5 stars
Securing the Women:4 stars
Evaluation of Instruction:4 stars
Best Cheap Product5 stars
Consumer Rating4.7 stars

ITS can reduce shock absorption and vibration.

The best tennis racket is durable, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use.

The racket is equipped with graphite and titanium material, providing great strength and durability.

Summary of HEAD Ti. Instinct Comp Tennis Racket

Fabric Material:

The head racket is specially designed for all levels of players, which makes it professional. We discovered that all of the quality was very low. The fabric material was added to its construction. A quality racket is also used for competitive games.


The HEAD Ti Instinct Comp tennis racket is perfect for adult players. The oversized head helps create a large sweet spot that ups your game.


Graphite and nano titanium are used to make the racket. It is more durable for a long time because of the graphite, which increases its stability and versatility. Due to titanium’s lightweight nature, it is easier to control and generate more spin.


SizeThe racket head size is 105 inches
WeightThe weight is 290 grams
LengthThe length is 27 inches
  • A lightweight, well-made racket that is solid
  • Perfect grip size
  • tightly strung racket
  • Great feel
  • Nothing Found

Product Verdict:

The best women’s tennis racket is an ideal choice for all casual players; it is more lightweight with an oversized head and comfortable grip at an affordable price. That’s our best overall pick. The titanium and graphite composite racket gets the best reviews from customers.

HEAD Tour Pro Tennis Racket:

Best Tennis Racket Under 50
Best Tennis Racket Under $50 (2023) : Cheap & Affordable 15

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I like the sport of tennis. My school took down the board on the practice court where I had been practicing. Because of my routine, I had to quit. New target boards are being built in my area. This prompted me to make a purchase immediately.

HEAD Tour Pro Tennis Racket

Consumer Reports gives this racket a 90 percent test score. High grades were given by ASIN, which is the best choice of store. The result shows that they generate a high level of power and spin, have high margins of error, are easy to use, and have a reasonable price.

The ASIN rating by Consumer Reports:

Overall Ease of Use:5 stars
Securing the Player:3 stars
Evaluation of Instruction:5 stars
Consumer Rating4.6 Star
Best Sellers RankStore Choice

The store-selected racer is made of aluminum and titanium, which makes it bouncy, lightweight, and has more spin potential. 

Summary of HEAD Tour Pro Tennis Racket


The huge surface area and lightweight construction make this racket more powerful. Hits that are strong, rigid, and have a large sweet spot. The titanium frame makes this racket more durable for intermediate players and best for learning.


Power is increased during serves, volleys, and groundstrokes. The large sweet spot created by the oversized head promotes bounce and good shots. Cheap tennis racquets of this power will amaze younger students.


Institutional settings often involve the weaving of composite titanium. This item weighs in at a hefty 9.9 ounces. Nylon strings are not vulnerable to the effects of rough play.


SizeThe head size is 110in
WeightThe weight is 275 g which is more lightweight
LengthThe length is  27 inches
  • Ultra lightweight 
  • comfortable grip with a large head.
  • The cover was included
  • None

Product Verdict:

This racket will come in handy for you. Grabbing the racket is effortless, and I experience no wrist fatigue while playing. For me, this is a fantastic racket. The weight and size are ideal, and I can use it again after regaining strength in my wrists and arms.

Comparison Of cheap good tennis rackets:

Head Metallix Spark

Head Metallix Spark Tour Cheap Tennis Racket
Best Tennis Racket Under $50 (2023) : Cheap & Affordable 16
  • As of 2019, all tennis rackets from the head brands have more features that are less expensive.
  • Metallix and Arcore Technologies help to stable their strength for a long time after playing long hours.
  • The all cheap tennis racket on the list that’s the best than the Babolat 2021 Boost Drive Strung Tennis Racquet on the basis of the price that the head also uses graphite material.

Babolat 2021 Boost Drive

Babolat 2021 Boost Drive Strung Cheap Tennis Racquet
Best Tennis Racket Under $50 (2023) : Cheap & Affordable 17
  • Babolat 2021 Boost Drive Strung Tennis Racquet is also an good racket which is less in price and has good features than Head Metallix Spark Tour Stealth Tennis Racket
  • Beginners will find the racket to be lightweight, made from graphite, and designed especially for them.
  • This racket is more powerful and has a wide variety of colour schemes that make it easy to maneuver

Features Of The Best Tennis Racket Under $50:

We have listed cheap good tennis rackets and a few more expensive ones. The second reason is that these rackets are based on the best features. We have spent a lot of time trying, but we have finally found these rackets, which will help players find the right products to recommend.

  • Easy Comfartble to hold
  • Hold and firm grip
  • Lightweight
  • Head heavy
  • Easily Affordable

How much does a decent tennis racquet cost?

These rackets are the best budget tennis racket if you are a court tennis player who feels comfortable after a long time of playing. Rackets with great spin potential are lightweight, have great control, are arm-friendly, and have great power. Regarding their price, you need to pay between 50 and 70 dollars.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive tennis rackets?

Istockphoto 1302802154 170667A 1 Get Tennis Bar
Best Tennis Racket Under $50 (2023) : Cheap & Affordable 18
  • Cheap good tennis rackets are made from synthetic gut, which is not as durable. It is lightweight and less durable than the more expensive racket.
  • Designed with the more performance racket in mind, this racket is heavy and consistent, made from polyester string, which allows professionals to improve their performance.

How to choose the best tennis rackets under $50:

Some factors will help you choose the best cheap tennis rackets. First, select the head-heavy rackets that are easy to hold, stylish to play with, have more control, and are lightweight.

How To Choose The Best Tennis Rackets Under $50
Best Tennis Racket Under $50 (2023) : Cheap & Affordable 19

Head size:

The tennis racket is usually under $50, which is best for juniors or kids. The Kid’s tennis racket is based on a big head, which helps you control the powerful shots without any tension.

The 108-115-inch rackets are best for kids or beginners because these sizes are specially designed for the learning process.


The most important thing is the racket’s weight, which is occasionally the best factor; most players leave and select heavy rackets after they feel uncomfortable. Lightweight rackets always help you generate more spin and potential during the game.

For beginners, we always recommend a weight of 260 to 290 grams. The Head Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket is the best choice for those who love the best budget tennis racket, lightweights, and more spin rackets.

Racket Length:

One of the most important attributes is the best size or length to choose cheap good tennis rackets. Choose the racket length based on your height. Here we discuss the age level you would choose according to your age. 

If you are an adult or intermediate player, we recommend the 27 inches length, which is best for you. It’s the start recommendation which you should believe. You should choose the standard racket length, which can improve your game from the start. If you want to choose an extended length, then 29 inches rackets are best for you. 

If you are buying the racket for your child, then the 19 to 21 inches racket is best. Here is a tennis length chart that would help you.

4-5 years19 inches
6-8 years21 to 23 inches
9-10 years23 to 25 inches
Intermediate to professionals25 to 29 inches

Weight :

It is easier for a beginner to swing the ball with a lightweight tennis racket under $50 and generate more power. The affordable racket is a lightweight racket weighing between 250 and 300 grams, which I also recommend. It is recommended that professionals use heavy-weight tennis rackets (320 to 350 grams) so they can spin easily without losing any energy.

Under the category of 100 square inches, pro players use a racket with a heavy frame and a petite frame. As a result of their extensive experience, they can generate more spin and power without losing energy. Hence, beginner players always find lightweight rackets helpful in pushing their game forward.


 The headlight rackets are heavy and easy to move, and all weight automatically tends to move to the handle. And head-heavy rackets give the lightweight to more players who like to play with big shots. 

Since beginner-level players have no experience controlling shots, they prefer head rackets. They prefer to use headlight rackets as their game improves. Furthermore, you can better understand how rackets perform by learning how to balance them.

BalancedWeight the racquet equally.
HeadlightWeighted racquet handle.
Head heavyHeavy-headed racquets.

Grip Size:

The grip size of the racket always depends on you, how you hold the rackets, and how big your hands are. The best method to measure the hands

  • First, take a measure rod or meter to measure the hand. And after being placed into the hand.
  • Put it upper the size of a hand and measure the hand according to metre points.

Choosing a grips size that is perfect for your hands is always a good idea.

Style To play:

The fourth and most important factor we always consider is the style of play. If you are a beginner player, you buy cheap tennis rackets to take your game to the next level. Because these rackets are lightweight, they help generate more spin and potential.

On the other hand, if you are an intermediate or professional player, use the expensive racket to increase your game potential because these rackets are heavy and have great performance.


Graphite and carbon fiber make rackets stronger. Therefore, they are always used with vibration dampeners to absorb vibrations. In the future, these rackets will be stronger and more durable because of graphite and titanium. A tennis racket’s material mainly determines its age and how long it lasts.

Most cheap, good tennis rackets are made from aluminum alloy because this is lighter and performs less. So I recommend the best frame racket, and our best budget tennis racket list is made from graphite material.

Faq’s: best budget tennis racket

tennis racket cheap should be light or heavy?

Here are the two important things we must understand and consider. The heavier racket is more powerful and durable and reduces shock onto the light rackets, but light rackets are more lightweight, heavy heads that are easy to generate, spin, and play. 

Where to buy cheap tennis rackets?

Today is the best time and a good chance to buy the tennis racket cheap from the online store, which recommends all the quality and a return policy. 

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Babolat

Why buy a cheap good tennis racket?

The cheap tennis racket is the best option for beginners who are just starting tennis and do not play like professionals. On the other hand, these rackets are very lightweight, and their big head makes it easy to generate spin.

What are the best tennis rackets for the money?

It is often believed that you will become a better player if you spend more and more dollars on rackets. However, if you want to be the best player, then you must keep it up. This way, you can buy usable tennis rackets cheaply and play well with them.

What’s the difference between cheap and expensive tennis rackets?

The tennis racket is made from high-quality materials such as graphite, carbon fiber, and titanium. All of the rackets are durable and able to extend playability. They contain more weight and perform strongly on the court, especially for intermediate or advanced players. That’s the expensive tennis rackets.

On the other hand, the cheap tennis racquets were prepared from aluminum, which is less durable than graphite. Its weight is too light compared to an expensive tennis racket, making it more desirable for beginners and junior players.

Final Words:

The markets are full of the best tennis rackets under $50, but we recommend these rackets, which are best for performance and affordable. Quality and durability are also found in these rackets. Furthermore, we say these rackets are the best cheap rackets.

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