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How To Win Doubles Tennis With A Weak Partner

How to Win Doubles Tennis With a Weak Partner? | Mixed Doubles Tennis Strategy

You have partnered with men who are weaker than you, regardless of your playing ability. I’ve often been irritated in doubles when playing with a weak partner. The situation is dire, but your main goal is to support the players playing with you, and you want to create a plan to defeat others.

How to win doubles tennis with a weak partner? Foremost, you will require an Establish clear duties and expectations, then encourage and motivate one another, identifying your and your partner’s strengths. Refrain from relying on your buddy to win the game. Keep a good mindset and concentrate on your performance.

Finally, it would help if you focused on a unique technique that works extremely well for double games. This strategy will help you find extra points. The essential and most crucial technique is to adjust your playing style and strategy according to your opponents.

mixed doubles tennis strategy

Compared to traditional double tennis, the mixed doubles strategy requires different strategies. Here are some mixed double tennis strategy tips.

  • Communication:
  • Court coverage: 
  • Serve and volley: 
  • Take advantage of gender differences:
  • Play to your strengths: 
  • Utilize the non-dominant hand:
  • Trust your partner: 

Best doubles team tennis:

  • Bryan brothers (Bob and Mike)
  • Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver
  • Mark Woodforde and Todd Woodbridge
  • Joe Salisbury and Nikola Mektic
  • Barbora Krejcikova and Nikola Barisova

The best double team award is based on current ranking, results, and performance. 

How to Win Doubles Tennis with a Weak Partner? tips for doubles tennis

How To Win Doubles Tennis With A Weak Partner
How to Win Doubles Tennis With a Weak Partner? | Mixed Doubles Tennis Strategy 5
  • Establishing Clear Roles and Expectations
  • Encourage and motivate each other
  • The Stronger Player Should Serve First:
  • Be Positive (Body language and positive talk):
  • Work together to exploit those strengths
  • Move Side to Side at the Net
  • Don’t rely solely on your partner to win the match
  • Take Control of Balls hit Down the Middle
  • Play to your partner’s backhand:

Establishing Clear Roles and Expectations:

Clear roles and expectations are the best way to play with a weak partner and increase your chances of winning. It can also clear away all of your doubts. The main goal of clear roles and expectations is dividing your responsibilities between players and coordinating well during the game.

When both players clearly understand their responsibilities, they can trust each other and provide a better framework. A positive attitude and effective play will help you win more points.

Clear roles and expectations allow you to focus on your goals without worrying about your partner’s actions. As a result, you can improve your performance and chances of winning.

Here are two main techniques for defining roles and expectations that will assist you in making the best decisions on the court.

  • Before the match, talk about your expectations and commitments with your partner. Discuss who will take the initiative, who will play aggressively, and what areas each couple should cover.
  • Clarify responsibilities and expectations following the pre-game talk. Positions for the shot, serve and return.

Encourage and motivate each other:

As you know, when someone motivates you, you have a high moral attitude; consequently, encourage and motivate each other with the words hey, you can do it? Reinforcement and motivation help the players perform at their best for double games.

Because of motivation, both players have increased their positive attitude, allowing the opposing player to lead the pushdown.

Encouragement and motivation assist players in developing better abilities and performing well on the court. This keeps your morale high.
  • Encourage your partner. Show your support and faith. It may help with concentration and performance.
  • Applaud your partner. This could boost self-esteem.
  • After making a mistake, console your partner. Could you encourage them to succeed?

The Stronger Player Should Serve First:

With more motivation, you should always serve first because the stronger player can easily win the point, which will help you create a better service than your partner already plays.

With this attitude, you will certainly win the serve because your creativity level is very high.

If a weaker partner serves first, it is possible to lose the service because all of the pressure is applied to your partner, and you lose all focus during the match.

On the other hand, a good start boosts your confidence, allowing you to generate better abilities and techniques during the match.

Be Positive (Body language and positive talk): how to win doubles tennis

When you use negative words for your partner, everyone who is aware of your negative attitude and wording can also harm your current game and playing style. So, always be positive and use positive words and techniques, and forget about your partner’s mistakes and problems that arise during play.

Negative body language and negative talking can also communicate to your partner what you want and what you are doing. So staying positive can help you solve your problems the most.

We will share a list of positive body language that you can use to win more points during the game.

  • Make eye contact
  • Two thumbs up
  • Smile
  • Fist pumping
  • Incorporate verbal encouragement (for example, “Good work!” “Keep it up!”)
  • Pose with an open body
  • High five
  • Supportive gesture 

Change the way you move. Partners are aware. No hitting, throwing the ball, shrugging your shoulders, or shaking your head. These are all signs of negative body language your partner will pick up on. To have fun in court, watch what you say and how you act.

Work together to exploit those strengths:

Tennis Doubles Strategy For Beginners
How to Win Doubles Tennis With a Weak Partner? | Mixed Doubles Tennis Strategy 6

When working together to utilize each other’s skills, focus and staying are the most critical factors that will help you keep in touch.

In the first phase, break down your major goals into smaller ones to help you envision the process. Working together to decide what they want in each set and what you accomplish.

Increase your mental rehearsal of successful events, which will assist you in creating better shots and focusing on yourself.

Deep, calm breaths may aid concentration in tough situations. Slow your breathing as needed.

Move Side to Side at the Net: tennis doubles strategy

For doubles, these net approaches are required. Opposing groundstrokes should be lateralized while playing at the net. Double players may change their swing or try harder to avoid striking the net. If you make many blunders, your opponent may grow angry. The point may be gained by faking a free volley.

Don’t rely solely on your partner to win the match:

Having a strong partner is helpful for double games, but you can still trust your partner. It’s an important fact. Don’t depend only on your partner. Here are some helpful tips for not relying on your partner alone.

You must also share tasks with your partner when you play doubles tennis. The game will continue well if one player takes charge of all the tasks. To carry everything on your shoulder is the opposite. So don’t count on your partner alone. Distribute your responsibilities.

Take on the roles made just for you, believe you can do them, and control all of their shots very well.

Don’t count on your partner alone to win the match. Instead, improve your skills and performance and focus on your strengths and playing style.

Take Control of Balls Hit Down the Middle:

Before starting the match, you should focus on your partner. Shots hitting the middle of the court will be much stronger and harder for weak players to play.

So, with this kind of focus, both partners can easily figure out who has the ball and who is trying to avoid playing.

This is the best chance that everyone should take. Players should try these kinds of shots because it will give them more experience on the court.

Play to your partner’s backhand:

Devising a strategy based on your opponent’s strength and competence is critical. As a result, playing backhand with a weak partner is equally vital. I will now teach the most effective and efficient way to learn the backhand technique:

Examine your partner’s play and shots. Inquire about your partner’s favorite and most comfortable shots.

When your partner plays forehand, utilize your feet to play backhand. In such a case, after learning your steps, I am confident that your partner will be able to make extremely good backhand shots. Communicate with your partner to develop a game-changing strategy.

tennis doubles strategy for beginners

Doubles Tennis Strategy
How to Win Doubles Tennis With a Weak Partner? | Mixed Doubles Tennis Strategy 7

Take Over the Net:

Taking over the net is an important factor in double tennis because it allows you to put pressure on your opponents. In reality, this concept entails moving to the net and controlling the center of the court.

You should take over the internet when you are more confident and can rely solely on your partner. Maintaining net control may be effective if your opponent consistently knocks the ball back deep, giving you time to advance.

Move forward and smash the ball with an aggressive volley when your partner hits the ball. Keep your eyes peeled for the ball and prepare to volley.

Hit the Ball to the Net Player’s Feet:

Doubles tennis players frequently use the net player’s feet to gain an advantage. This strategy requires shooting at the net player’s feet, making it difficult for them to respond.

Do this when your opponent’s net player is too far forward and accessible to foot shots.

  • Try this if your opponent’s net player volleys poorly.
  • Use quick, good feet to shoot the player’s feet into the net.
  • If you adopt your opponent’s attitude, you can avoid being hit by their shots.

Hit Groundstrokes Deep in the Court:

Deep returns and groundstrokes are necessary to push your opponent back. The next effort should be easier. Opponents’ shot quality is dramatically excellent when positioned below the baseline. The additional time allows you to launch a net attack. I swing my forehand to the other side of the doubles court.

Be Adaptable:

I enjoy playing traditional doubles. A strong serve, aggressive net play, and opposition pressure. When I play a singles expert, I alter my strategy. These couples benefit from returning with both players on the baseline, not serving and volleying, and not playing out of the Information.

Couples that are at ease succeed. You can serve and volley less when you are poor. Allow them to stay if they are afraid.

Faq’s of tennis doubles tactics

How do you beat a better player in doubles tennis?

In a doubles tennis match, you should concentrate on your opponent’s areas of weakness and adjust your strategy to take advantage of those areas. Be open with your partner and maintain a positive outlook.

How do you beat aggressive net players in doubles?

In doubles, lobs, passing shots down the line, and deep, reliable groundstrokes can be used to counteract net attackers.

What are the 3 key points of playing doubles?

  • Selection of a shot
  • court positioning
  • communication.

What makes a good doubles partner?

A good doubles player is more cooperative and outgoing, has the best abilities and playing manners, and executes groundstrokes with great precision.

What are two different strategies when playing doubles?

  • Net-oriented 
  • Baseline-oriented with deep groundstrokes and patience.

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