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Wilson Ultra Tour 97 Reviews, Pros And Cons

Wilson Ultra Tour 97 Racquet Review and Gameplay

The Wilson Ultra Tour 97 is the most powerful racket in the ultra series, which French Campion endorses. The Ultra 97 is an ideal choice for intermediate players due to its superior control, power, and weight of 300 grams. Ultra rackets are one of the most advanced in the series because they are more balanced, precise, and user-friendly, increasing the power of shots. 

Regardless, this racket offers a good balance of power and control. They have a distinct feel due to their small head and distinctive triangular shape. The racket frame is made of high-carbon fiber, which makes it more responsive. 

wilson ultra tour 97

Best Tennis Racket for Intermediate Players
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Serve: 8.7 Score
  • Groundstrokes: 8.9
  • Volleys: 9.3
  • Returns: 8.2
  • Power: 8.9

Wilson brand replaced this frame with CushionFoam to reduce vibration dampening and increase comfort. Here are the specifications and the performances we experienced on the court.

Wilson Ultra Tour Rating:

For intermediate players with strong shot control abilities, the Yonex Ezone tennis racket comes highly recommended. According to consumer reports, the weight of the racket is evenly distributed, shifting to the handle, which weighs 310 grams.

The combined power and responsiveness of the Wilson Tour racquet impress the player.

Due to its 5-star rating and user-friendly features, The Best Racket is our current top choice. With an 18×20 string pattern that increases flexibility, the racket has the best speed and control.

The ASIN rating by Consumer Reports:

Heavy Hitters4 stars
Weighty and arm friendly nature4 stars
Power and Spin5 stars
Skimping on Control5 stars
Consumer Rating4.8 Star
Consumer Rating5 star

The racket is equipped with a power rib, which provides more power, spin, and stiffness and improves shot accuracy.

Overall8.9 / 10
Serves8.7 / 10
Groundstrokes8.9 / 10
Volleys9.3 / 10
Returns8.2 / 10
Power8.9 / 10
Control9.4 / 10
Stability8.9 / 10

Wilson Ultra Tour 97 Specifications:

Wilson Ultra Tour

The Wilson ultra tour 97 tennis is based on a clean and practical design that enhances the game’s power. The use of carbon and graphite materials makes this racket light and stable.

Wilson tennis rackets are designed for control, with a small head size of 97 square inches and a standard length of 27 square inches, making them suitable for intermediate players. The unique string pattern is 16 Mains / 19 Crosses, which is more flexible and aids in generating sweet spots with a weight range of 300 grams.

Surprisingly, the swing weight is 306 grams, which makes it easy for players to generate more spin and maneuver. The racket is well-balanced, which means the weight is distributed to the racket’s center. Because of its headlight, the racket provides more topspin and power. Because of its balanced nature, this racket is more arm-friendly.

Every intermediate player desires high stability, precision, power, and more swings from their racket; the racket is an intermediate player’s dream. More control allows players to play good shots with greater precision.

If you are a beginner or junior, look at our other beginner tennis rackets because this racket will never meet your exact needs.

Here are our measurements to assist you in further researching and evaluating this tennis racket.

  • Head size: 97 sq.
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Swingweight: 306
  • Material: Carbon and graphite
  • String pattern: 16 main / 19 cross
  • Flex: 59
  • Beam Width: 25mm
  • Tension: 50-60 Pounds
  • Balance: 9 Pts
  • Groundstrokes – Score: 8.9

    Spin and control, to be precise. Wilson’s ultra tennis racket is more powerful due to its extensive use of groundstrokes. Playing with this racket on the court, I felt a hurry-up connection with this racket due to the ground stroke position.

    Due to its pleasant feel and ability to create power and spin, the racket is an excellent choice for baseline or intermediate players. Another distinguishing aspect of this racket is its triangular beam form with a tiny head, which aids in the control of random shots.

    I have high hopes for this racket, which is present. Depth shots demonstrate a high level of control and stability on the court. Because of the flexible structure, the racket boasts a large sweet spot.

    With a dual beam of 25mm and an excellent swing weight, the racket has retained both forehand and backhand capabilities.

    Wilson has a couple of rackets that are nice to drive. Despite its complete mastery, this racket is less versatile. Because of its great accuracy, the racket seems to be more arm friendly with the latest update. The racket provides excellent control and stability but lacks power.

    Volleys – Score: 9.3:

    I’ve felt wonderful volleys shots on the net with the Wilson ultra tour 97 tennis racket. Every time we go for the court, the racket delivers incredible round shots with power and helps to win the game. Control and steadiness are among the most important aspects of achieving a high level of volleys. It was a lot of fun.

    My best shot is the forehand slice, and I had great fun with it on the court. Because of its sharp grip and quickness, the racket is great for baseline players.

    I know where my opponents may have difficulties, and I have used this information to drive my competitors into challenging play-hard shots.

    The disadvantage we highlighted is that the large racket weight makes it more difficult to carry. This racket provides a satisfying overall experience because of its crisp feel, huge sweet spot, power, and control.

    Serve – Score: 8.7:

    As you may know, this racket is easy to identify the sweet spot with and has significant mistake margins, indicating that it is unsuitable for expert players. This racket may also be used by older tennis players with one year of expertise and fit into the novices category.

    When I rapidly connected with this racket due to control, I knew something special about it might make it a potent racket for beginners to advanced players. The racket is functional and suitable for all slicing.

    The Wilson extreme 97 racket has a heavier swing weight, serve characteristics, and fast performance on the court. On the court, I’ve also appreciated the serves.

    Returns – Score: 8.2:

    Returns, Wilson ultra tour 97 has a good ability to contact the ball and performs well on the court for a lengthy period. You did an excellent job with the racket return. Using their strong frame, you have a fantastic opportunity to force your opponents down.

    If you gain expertise with this racket, you will be able to feel increased control, power, precision, and stability during returns. All of the points contribute significantly to the success of the return shots.

    The depth enhanced each shot it generated when it landed. This racket will assist you in serving more aggressively.

    The increased stability allows players to control and propel the ball with more speed and swing. The hefty top spin is crucial.

    Controllable power – Score: 8.9:

    The Wilson Ultra is the ideal tennis racket for intermediate players who have much expertise and want better control over the ball. The aggressive players require a tiny head. Despite its great size, the ball remains in play as long as its full force is applied.

    A well-balanced weight racket with the optimal weight allows you to play very accurate and precise shots on the court. As previously said, the racket is more outstanding for volleys, groundstrokes, serving shots, and returning. The ideal string pattern gives you greater control and strength on the court.

    Pros & Cons Of Wilson Ultra Tour Racquet:

    • The Wilson Ultra Tour 97 offers improved throat geometry thanks to power rib technology.
    • Customizable
    • Controllable Power
    • Medium Weight
    • Arm Friendly
    • Well balanced
    • High Groundstrokes, Volleys, and serves
    • Durable
    • Stability
    • Less maneuver
    • Expensive
    • Some drawbacks in overall performance


    The Wilson Ultra Tour 97 Tennis Racket fits all of our demands by playing with stability and good performance. The best racket in the extreme series, with new updates and features. The racket provides excellent control, power, and stability. The sharp feel makes the racket more playable on all courts.

    Best Tennis Racket for Intermediate Players
    9.4/10 Our Score
    • Serve: 8.7 Score
    • Groundstrokes: 8.9
    • Volleys: 9.3
    • Returns: 8.2
    • Power: 8.9

    Size, weight, flex, length, and skill level are some of the most crucial aspects to consider when selecting the finest tennis racket.

    The Wilson extreme features are specifically developed for intermediate players or baseline, and only such players benefit from them. The Wilson hyper series racket also requires physical power to discover more functions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Wilson Ultra Tour Racquet good for?

    To begin with, the Wilson Ultra Series is designed specifically for single players who are looking for exceptional characteristics and aspire to become good players. This racket’s amazing spin and power are excellent features. The Wilson Ultra 97 is available in various sizes, making it perfect for professional or intermediate players.

    Is Wilson Ultra 97 for beginners?

    The Wilson ultra series is available in various weights, although the Wilson Ultra 97 is not recommended for new players because of its large weight and limited movement. Because of its high topspin, outstanding control, and power, the Wilson ultra tour 97 is ideal for intermediate players.

    Which tennis players use Wilson Ultra 97?

    Tennis rackets with 97 square inches and 305 swing weights are commonly used by players such as Borna Coric, Joao Sousa, Feliciano Lopez, and Maria Sakkari.

    How does the Wilson Ultra Tour 97 racquet differ from other racquets in the Ultra series?

    With its emphasis on precision and control, the Wilson Ultra Tour 97 racquet distinguishes out in the Ultra line. It has a smaller head size, a denser string pattern, and a thinner beam than the other racquets in the series, giving it better control and feel.

    What type of player is the Wilson Ultra Tour 97 racquet suitable for?

    The Wilson Ultra Tour 97 racquet is perfect for intermediate to advanced players who place a premium on precision and control. It is appropriate for players who have a quick swing speed and prefer to generate their own power.

    Does the Wilson Ultra Tour 97 racquet generate enough power for aggressive gameplay?

    The Wilson Ultra Tour 97 racquet is noted for its superb control, but it still has enough power for aggressive play. The racquet’s dense string design, advanced construction technology, and player technique can provide enough power for powerful players.

    Does the Wilson Ultra Tour 97 racquet have good vibration-dampening properties?

    Yes, the Wilson Ultra Tour 97 racquet includes vibration-dampening technology to reduce vibrations during impact. This function improves comfort, lowers the danger of arm fatigue, and allows players to concentrate on their game without distractions.


    Following a thorough examination and evaluation, it is apparent that the Wilson Ultra Tour 97 racquet is a game-changer in the world of tennis. Let us review the main points raised throughout the article:

    The Wilson Ultra Tour 97 racquet performs admirably in terms of power and precision. It provides unequaled control and feels on the court thanks to its tiny head size, dense string arrangement, and narrower beam. This racquet is ideal for unleashing strong shots or aiming for pinpoint precision.

    The Ultra Tour 97’s stability and mobility are particularly noteworthy. It ensures confidence and control even during frantic gameplay by providing a stable base for shots. Its mobility enables players to seamlessly shift between different strokes and adapt to changing playing conditions.

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