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Yonex Vcore 100

Yonex VCORE 100 Tennis Racket Review & Playtest

Players who are intermediate or advanced will benefit from this high-performance racket. In addition to being designed and manufactured by Yonex, it was also equipped with quality equipment. The racket is known for its power and control of the ball, excellently contacting it on the court. Yonex used advanced technologies such as an isometric head shape and Namd Flex technology to provide stability and a large sweet spot. 

Due to the lightweight and well-balanced frame, it is easy to maneuver on the court and helps to enhance performance. The Yonex vcore 100 is the best choice for players who want to reach the next level of their game. 

Every player has encountered this racket in the past season due to its odd head shape. William’s (Lawrence’s) attempt might influence the end of court contact. Because of this, William missed the first six shots, which is why everyone was so concerned.

At first, I felt very disturbed by the Yonex VCORE 100, but I became more comfortable and relaxed with this racket over time.

As a tennis player, I usually use the Yonex Astral 100, but the lightweight frame of the Yonex VCORE 100 has wrecked my court performance for the first three days. Despite the heavyweight, I was always unable to generate power and spin with this racket. 

Yonex VCORE 100 Specifications:


Best Tennis Racket for Intermediate or Advanced Players
8.0/10 Our Score
  • Serve:  86%
  • Groundstrokes: 89%
  • Volleys: 75%
  • Returns: 79%
  • Power:  80%

Customer Feedback of Yonex VCORE 100:

  • In a nutshell, my kid is a tennis player who adores his new racket!
  • While the racket is excellent and arrives pre-strung, the string is poor. I wish the strings were of higher quality. It had to be restrung for the racket’s full potential to be realized.
  • My previous order of identical racquets (but L2 size) arrived without string. This order (L1 grip size) arrived with string.

A 300 grams strung weight on the Yonex VCORE 100 makes it easy to generate head speed during matches. Since this racket is more powerful than other Yonex, generating spin and power is very easy.

 One of the main faults I have found is the need for more stability, which makes it dangerous when you overhit. Furthermore, the Yonex Vcore 100 is very popular among women participating in Grand Slam events.  

In my experience as a coach, the swing is generated when you nicely attack the ball with full spin technique. This helps you to put the opponent on the back foot. Yonex has made it easier to develop an aggressive baseline game with new technology.

Isomeric Shape: An isometric head shape provides greater power, control, and a wider sweet spot in a racket.
Namd Flex:The accuracy and control of shots on the court are improved by the lightweight, well-balanced design of this tennis racket.
Lightweight and well Balanced: The accuracy and control of shots on the court are improved by the lightweight, well-balanced design of this tennis racket.
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Weight: 300 grams (unstrung)
  • Balance: 325mm (headlight)
  • Flex: 68RA
  • String pattern: 16×19
  • Grip size: G4 (4 3/8″)
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Material: Graphite
  • Stiffness: 66 
  • Beam Width: 71
Groundstrokes (Best)

Overall: 8.2

Overall, the best choice for those looking for high spin potential and power. You can send your opponent running in circles forever if you use the VCORE 100, reducing the effort you need to put in.

This strategy may benefit you if you like to drive your opponent from side to side until you get to the easy put-away.

The racket is not recommended for players who lack power and spin and want to spend more time on the court.

Despite its service, it is only for some.

The VCORE 100 is the racket for people who love speed and ping (I was one of them).

Serve: 8.6

Yonex Tennis Racket Vcore 100
Yonex VCORE 100 Tennis Racket Review & Playtest 7

You can strike the ball hard and rapidly with the VCORE. This will help weaker serves. If your racket weakens, your initial serve may accelerate by 10 mph. Lawrence-like rackets with a solid serve feel.

I never found anything appealing about the Yonex VCORE 100. I find the springiness annoying. Yonex vanished just as I was putting up a second serve on a vital point. Many people dislike VCORE’s service, but that is their prerogative. Fans of rackets will like this one!

On the VCORE 100, handling my wide slice serve was simpler since it aided my second serve’s topspin kick up to my opponent. Strings need to be tight. Yonex’s VCORE 100 enables you to serve more quickly. The output of a method is increased by racket head speed.

I didn’t utilize the racket, even though serving is the common usage for it. After evaluating both sides, I gave this racket an 8.6 out of 10 for serving.

Volleys: 7.5:

Yonex V Core 100
Yonex VCORE 100 Tennis Racket Review & Playtest 8
This caused me to feel uneasy when playing point. I don’t believe this racket is for someone who often high-rates the net, but if you experience altitude sickness while you’re that far above the court, no worries!

Regarding volley performance, the Yonex Vcore 100 is unlikely to be a good choice for players who seek speed and maneuverability from the baseline rather than stability at the net. The racket might lack the solid feel and control a net player is looking for, and its “whippy” nature might prevent precise shots. 

Those who prefer solid shots at the ball may also find it unsuitable. It might be a good option for players who want to get into position during quick net exchanges quickly. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to personal preferences and playing styles.

  • The racket is designed for hard-hitters
  • Aero Fin technology and Isometric head shape 
  • Generate more power and speed.
  • It is a versatile racquet
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Place shots accurately.
  • High-end racket and is priced 
  • Not suitable for beginners: 
  • Racket is a bit on the heavier side
  • Not suitable for players with a weak swing:

Design and Technology Of Yonex VCORE 100:

Yonex Vcore 100
Yonex VCORE 100 Tennis Racket Review & Playtest 9

With its sleek and contemporary design, the Yonex VCore 100 tennis racket is both Stylish and functional at the same time. Graphite material is used in the racket frame, making it ideal for women or advanced players. Thanks to the contribution of graphite to the racket, it is lightweight and well-balanced, which makes it easier to maneuver.

The racket handle is constructed with synthetic material, which makes it easier to hold the racket efficiently. The more grip you have on the racket, the more spin, and power you’ll generate. Vcore 100’s grip size is G4(4 3/8″), making it easy for players to hold with small hands. 16×19 racket string pattern provides more control and a sweet spot.

There’s a Yonex logo on the frame of the racket. You can get white, blue, or yellow rackets. You can also get rackets in different weights, balances, and flexes.

So that was the structure; now we’ll talk about the technology.

Featuring an isometric head shape, Namd Flex technology, and Aero Fin technology, this racket is stable, lightweight, well-shaped, and balanced, allowing easy maneuvers on the court. Whether you are an intermediate or advanced player, you can grow your skill level with this racket. 

Used of advanced technology in Yonex Vcore 100:

Aero Fin technology:

Aero Fin technology is featured on the Yonex VCORE 100 tennis racket, which increases stability and improves aerodynamics. Due to this technology, the racket moves faster and smoother because air resistance and drag are reduced. It results in more stability and control and increases the quality of power shots.

Furthermore, Aero Fin Technology improves racket stability in addition to aerodynamics. With the help of fins, the racket can be leveled, improving the balance and reducing friction. With their technology, players also improve their accuracy and consistency. 

The back of an aero-fin racket has fins. Using these fins, the racket can reduce drag and turbulence caused by its movement. Enhancing the power and control of a racket can be achieved by making it move more effectively.

Isometric head shapes:

Isometric head shapes increase power and control in the head area of the racket, increasing its sweet spot. Players can generate more power and control with their shots due to the racket’s increased sweet spot. An asymmetrical racket head is shaped to distribute string tension across the head of the racket evenly. The result is increased power and control.

Namd Flex :

When a racket strikes the ball, Namd Flex increases its flex, or how much it bends or deflects. Power comes from lower flex rackets, while control comes from higher flex rackets. Thanks to Namd Flex technology, the racket shaft has been enhanced with Namd carbon graphite material. This substance enhances comfort and stability.

How the Yonex VCORE 100 has helped improve the game: (Professionals Rating)-

Increased Power
Improved Control:
Better Maneuverability:
Comfortable Feel:
Here are the best and most important features that help players improve their game and perform their best on the court. Thanks to the players’ skills, all of the features of the Yonex Vcore 100 have been created. 
Increased Power: A professional player has noted and reported that the Isometric head shape technology increases the sweet spot on the racket, which helps them generate more power on their shots. You will become a game changer with the aim of hitting the ball more accurately and harder.
Improved Control:Using Namd Flex Technology, Stefanos Tsitsipas reported more control over his shots. As a result of the racket’s ability to hit the ball more consistently and with more precision, you will be more consistent on the court.
Better Maneuverability:They are more maneuverable and well-balanced for every player because of their better maneuverability. Advanced technologies make it easier to maneuver the racket on the court or make it more comfortable to wear. As a result, they can make more shots and reach more balls.
Comfortable Feel: Namd Flex technology has also been credited with making the racket ergonomic. The increased flexibility of the racket reduces players’ stress on their joints.

Professional tennis players who use the Yonex VCore 100:

The Yonex VCORE 100 is the most popular tennis racket in the world. Additionally, racket changes are commonplace among players. Many top players use the racket despite not being sponsored by Yonex because of how well it works.

  • Nick Kyrgios
  • Roberto Bautista Agut
  • Kyle Edmund
  • Lucas Pouille
  • Andreas Seppi
  • Fabio Fognini
  • Diego Schwartzman
  • Guido Pella
  • Kei Nishikori

The more players on this list compete in the Grand Slams, US Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon. Because of this well-known racket, more players attained high levels in all events.

The Yonex VCore 100 racket is presently used by No.13 in the ATP rankings, Roberto Bautista Agut. Wimbledon semifinals in 2019 and Australian Open quarterfinals in 2020 were accomplished.

Tennis players in Australia are now using VCore 100 rackets (Nick Kyrgios). The quarterfinals of the Acapulco Open and the Australian Open will occur in 2021 and 2020, respectively.

Yonex VCore 100 with other rackets in its class:

If you’re unsatisfied with the Yonex VCORE 100, the models that came before it should be. Despite being of a comparable standard, they are well-suited to different skill levels.

After considering your skill level and the other criteria, you may choose the racket that best suits your needs.

Yonex VCORE 100 vs. EZONE 100:

Yonex Vcore 100
Yonex VCORE 100 Tennis Racket Review & Playtest 10

Yonex produced each racket. Regarding quality and features, both rackets have the same characteristics. Still, VCORE has tiny technical differences from EZONE, making it a better racket for intermediate or advanced players.

Due to its slightly larger head size, the YONEX has more control and power than the Vcore 100.

Players can generate more spin, good control, and stability using the VCORE technical feature.

YONEX allows the player to control the shot better than Yonex tennis racket vcore 100, thanks to its additional flexibility.

In terms of appearance and feel, Yonex VCORE 100 is like any other Yonex EZONE 100. There is no difference in the power of the VCORE 100 due to its slightly heavier swing weight.

Additionally, they are easy to maneuver since they are light-headed rackets. 


What is the Yonex VCore 100 racket made of?

The tennis racket Yonex tennis racket Vcore 100 is made from a variety of materials. Frames of rackets are made of graphite, a lightweight, robust material. Stiffening and stabilizing rackets are achieved with graphite shafts. The racket grips are made from polyurethane (PU) or EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). The racket’s longevity and tension are increased by grommets made from rubber or silicone.

What is the string pattern of the Yonex VCore 100 racket?

There are 16 main and 19 cross strings in the Yonex tennis racket vcore 100. Power and control may be balanced, and this string arrangement may enhance spin.

How does the Yonex VCore 100 racket compare to the Yonex VCore Pro 97?

Yonex VCore 100 rackets can increase power and speed for advanced players. There is more power and spin in the Yonex VCore 100 than in the Yonex VCore 97, which is more control-oriented.

What is the Yonex VCore 100 racket’s swing weight?

Based on model and size (RDC), the Yonex tennis racket vcore 100 ranges from 300 to 310 grams. A racket’s swing weight determines how heavy it feels when swung. A large swing weight provides stability and power, while a smaller one provides maneuverability and control.

Who uses the Yonex VCore 100 racket?

In addition, Nick Kyrgios, Roberto Bautista Agut, and Fabio Fognini use the Yonex VCore 100. Players who play aggressively use this racket.

Wrapping UP:

New Yonex tennis rackets exceeded all expectations for high-performance rackets. Its third racket brand, Yonex VCORE 100, has market leadership potential.

Several Technologies have been made to this racket to enhance its playability and appeal to a wide audience.

A racket like this offers power, spin, control, and stability, so players have everything they need at their fingertips. A versatile racket is suitable for intermediate players or fresh, Advanced Players.

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